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Lucy’s shabby appearance, is now already the grass to grass cover.

Considering the orchard green and soil conservation. For Wasserstein transplanting fruit trees in the orchard after orchard planted on the inside of the large number of ryegrass. After a year’s time, these ryegrass is already formed a considerable scale and wanted to farm should be a good source of feed.

the first introduction of three yellow chicks have a thousand seedlings, catty, will be introduced again after one thousand months. So continue until the entire farm has six thousand of breeding stock. By that time, every two weeks will be able to farm slaughter one thousand adult chickens, enough to meet the Blue Whale Island Resort and supply Zhiyuan Villa.

coop Two days ago, already with a wooden Jiahua Lu Jianguo and several newly hired villagers were thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, stay young seedlings can be arranged at any time.

“Yang Shu, this young seedlings but also your trip, it is tough.” Look

“Bu truck with moving from the cage filled with young seedlings carried the box to the side of the chicken coop Bu Dian Yang Lie said.

“No trouble, I was for a long time did not come. come and see this side of change.” Yang Lie while watching the rows of sheds, while laughing.

Since the Wasserstein relocate the farm dam from the creek bottom three islands, the size of farms has a lot of narrowing. Yang Lie month from the hands of ordering, but also hundreds of young seedlings. But Yang Lie still maintained a personal appearance every time the habit. Yang Lie said a long time did not come. In fact, nothing is kind words.

At Yang Lie, every once came Manor have a new feeling, this time it is not an exception. Because the sake manor farms to expansion last month manor did not order the young seedlings to Yang Lie, Lie Yang is therefore once again after an interval of two months came Zhiyuan Villa, but it is a huge change which surprised him.

give testimony as an initial batch was built from scratch, according to Jia Hua Zhiyuan Villa who looked almost Lie Yang Zhiyuan Villa seats from a desolate small water quite well known to today’s Resort. But this time not come for two months, the entire estate is almost doubled, rapid development can not help but let Yang Lie surprise.

“after every two weeks requires one thousand three yellow chicks Miao, Yang Shu also want you to help us to better off.” Since it is handed over to the other side of things,canada goose jackets, this is naturally choose to believe Jia Hua Yang Lie. Just verbal polite Bale.

this one thousand three yellow Feng Jia Hua Yang Lie in the last month and talk about,cheap canada goose, so he was ready enough pure breed, will be formed after the convention to order. And the Wasserstein has had nearly three years of trading experience, Yang Lie naturally know cite Jiahua not money, as long as they find the genuine, the price is not a problem. So after receiving cite Jiahua phone. He began in Tennessee open to the surrounding busy.

to know three yellow chicken may be the most popular varieties, supply fertilized eggs can be said in short supply, in order to get two thousand orders a month, is not an easy thing. But Yang Lie also be fought in this business for over ten years, always a bit opportunities, according to the agreed time soon to the Wasserstein brought what he needed.

“This is no problem, so take care of you and your Uncle Yang Nobita brother’s business, and we naturally put your things in the first place a mention of this, Yang Lie face laughed bloom.
two years time, just relying Zhiyuan Villa orders,canada goose outlet, and Yang Yang Lie Nobita be harvested from a lot of profit. Especially after Young Nobita and banyan skull cooperation, nursery and flower Sarkozy base business is getting better, it can be said Feng Jia Hua is one of the elegant way of their development.

“ducks and geese as well as the future needs of the young seedlings places, you’ve got to be a lot of bother.” Other young seedlings farms also need to provide strong playing Yang, Feng Jia Hua smiled and said: “Today there is just time, we pull Chen Shu, a few drinks together. “

“Well, I was not seen for several months old guy a hearing held Wasserstein invited to drink, Yang Lie nature is readily agreed, after all Zhiyuan Villa cuisine is not covered.
pull Presbyterian, three people plus a few heads manor farm, everyone at a table in the spring sunshine among the willows guess codes drinking, it touches a little Feng Jia Hua back then mood.
farm young seedlings introduction, the next step is ducks and geese, farms both waterfowl also began to introduce the young seedlings. Suddenly, everywhere inside the manor echoed these calls tender young seedlings, but also to the manor to add a lot of anger.
waterfowl breeding stock farm dams under
most about it is three thousand, far not yet reached the blue whale’s needs. But Feng Jia Hua is also a solution, but have to wait after the birds leave the manor to grazing waterfowl on the reservoir shallows and islands, scale farms.

Now, move the barn and related equipment are already ready, just waiting to leave after migratory birds can be carried out. In order to give the Blue Whale Island offers the best ingredients, but invariably cite Wasserstein with its odd, deliberate attempt to excavation potential manor.

As Hare Field, as well as the number of farms in the mountains among the herds of goats in the field after a winter respite after already walked into a virtuous cycle. Just wait a few months. When the opening of the Blue Whale Island, these farms that Blue Whale Island can provide enough high-quality food forest

Jiahua in the import of childbirth, when the manor was busy, being under the bottom take Shue Chen Yang’s director, organized a variety of activities to welcome the arrival of spring. In previous years, some rice dumplings game, the game is naturally produced snacks, no less, I heard that there are sets of ducks, attracting many tourists

sets is to duck duck feet tied. Neatly placed in a clearing, then waiting people used bamboo to make up a small trap. Although very simple words, but to put the duck’s neck is not an easy thing. Because the small circle where people throw ducks nearest also have about three meters, plus the Ducks even feet are tied, the neck is very law-abiding to tamper with, only ten centimeters in diameter small circle really hard sets up.

sets duck activities, once launched, it attracted the attention of a large number of tourists, and soon in the middle of the village square will gather to watch full of tourists and villagers. Every fall, when a bamboo ring. The crowd let out a sigh on. Personally can not wait for fate to throw bamboo circle. But once someone is lucky enough to cover the center of the field quacking duck when everyone cheers. Resounding.


“Five: In order ah narrow village will be dry at the time went to the central field, the visitors set the duck waiting beside chef, slaughtered on the spot, cooking up.

For tourists, this site slaughtered for consumption experience really never had, so we all felt very strange. After see someone winning, had also slightly more enthusiastic visitors sidelines, and then quickly lined up around the site of a long queue, began to take over from the village a special bamboo circle dry hands.

central square in the village duck activity during the set was in full swing, big pond over there to go fishing activities in full swing.

This is not like last time fishing as the water drained the pond to face, but in the big pond filled with water being carried out. Spring, the water temperature is also rising day by day among the big pond. Therefore, throughout the winter seemed very quiet Datang start floating everywhere can see the fish activity, showing the exuberant vitality.
Datang has now spread above
a dozen boats raft per pound. There is a raft in front of the villagers insisted on the raft, with a leisurely tourists wandering in the above. Tourists on the shore when the villagers have been taught in hand and under. Slightly out fishing techniques learned, is now excitedly followed the villagers into the water yet.

grid Shue here because dense water network, basically every household has fishing nets, fishing nets and now Chen Yang as the tourism activities, it is in no lack of tools. Wang Shue ride side of the network are generally about four meters in diameter. Under lead weights tied in front, as to spread out on a cone.

say out fishing is actually not a very difficult thing, basically every adult cell Shue will, but this kind of thing on the visitors who seemed to be somewhat awkward. But tourists just to have fun, do not need to become a fishing expert, and therefore can be more than a little practice the raft into the water to go fishing.

not many tourists technology really is spectacle 100 on the raft, the whole group to put some light nets thrown out, there is no way to catch fish; some did not seize the rope, the light net thrown into the water, fishing does not come back; Some tourists even because there is no master force, almost the entire burden. Who also followed into the water, attracted tourists and villagers around the crowd exclaimed endless.

but we again after several trials, although the action is also not as standardized villagers. Slowly but there is also a two kind of mold. Datang fish among many. Coupled with just plumbing thawed fish have to swim to the upper waters in search of food, so soon, tourists have started to harvest.

although only one or two fish Mian three fingers wide, but the harvest always exciting, especially for those who are basically jolly to see the fish in the city of people, it is to commemorate the values thing. Tourists struggling on the raft kept out fishing, shore they have relatives with their cameras and video cameras in busy. Photographed scenes make them feel a commemorative picture.
, the screams, joyous sounds, shutter sound as well as the intersection of a wide variety of sounds together. Formation of a joyful fishing concerto.
turn a result, nearly every hand in the fish tank among the tourists have a lot of fish, large and small, began to come across the shore, a group of tourists on board next turn. After all, in front of everyone’s move has been so fun to watch the tourists feel at the shore hinder hand itch, wished he could immediately go on the raft to try.

tourists ashore immediately after receipt of the fish put up on the shore slaughtered, bled after scraping scales on the grill up on the bank. This is also the idea of ​​Chen Yang, directly on the shore of freshly slaughtered let visitors are baked, grilled fish and enjoy the freshest taste.

this, visitors are naturally very happy, they are so full of rustic charm of rural activities actually very satisfied, and all of a happily busy up on the embankment.

Meanwhile, the country is full of a variety of interesting activities in every corner of the grid Shue is being launched, attracting a large number of tourists participate in them. Successfully organized a series of events touches Presbyterian unsuccessful, and a look of disbelief, the way that had to have a certain confidence in Chen Yang Jiahua wood also feel a little weird.

was the first time the auspices of such activities, but Chen Yang is still a good grasp of the psychological needs of the village as well as among the tourists have the resources, both being found in a good balance. Also in the activities of pre-prepared materials, tools, requisition, personnel selection and the development of the above rules, Chen Yang is also regarded as a kind of mold, so he still felt Wasserstein wood can create a little place.

several events down, not only the tourists to experience the different feelings that the villagers also feel an eye-opener, this way you can win the original town visitors agree? As for all income is rising, not only to take on bamboo raft ring and fishing are the need to spend a certain price, and other activities are also basically similar to these two activities.

But for tourists, money problems can never be a problem, not only in rural areas was happy the money can not buy. Visitors with boundless mood returned to the city, will naturally Personnel experience in talking with friends and family, and then to pick Shue is more and more tourists, but also more lively ride Shue.

Thus, in this atmosphere of joy among tourists and villagers together into the spring arms, ushered in the colorful spring.

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two hundred ninety three chapters of text comprehension manor blue whale changes

500029493 two hundred ninety three chapters of the blue whale changes

※ Please spring flowers straight crowd is doing. Even went to years ago, before gradually reducing passenger lines, such as weaving Chun-shan, each went home to prepare for the New Year. Chinese New Year is always natural, now crossed the Spring Festival is the less festive, but we are already second nature.

Chinese New Year of the Wasserstein family together or too Zhiyuan Villa. After all, last year the Chinese New Year is here is to make everyone happy, so this year will continue to enjoy the New Year happy here.
grid Shue prepared inside the Spring Festival this year activities, in short, the whole village is immersed in a burst of joy and peaceful atmosphere. Spend a bustling after the Spring Festival, we began past men their things, the Spring Festival reunion to stay in the memories of being.
Early in
. For Jiahua began to Blue Whale Island took Xu Ying. After all, the Blue Whale Island there is about to return to work. Planned test operation is already imminent, wood Wasserstein naturally lazy not to continue in the south. As Xu Ying, but also to participate in the Blue Whale Island past scraping develop promotional prices, as well as the hotel interior trim, of course, have to follow later.

the plane. For Wasserstein inhaling deeply on a slightly salty smell of the sea, and saw that he had come from the warm south with cold also micro Ningbo. Did not stay too much time in the city. Feng Jia Hua immediately rushed to the blue whale is the island, because at the time years ago, most of the agencies have offices onto the Blue Whale Island, in the interest of Ningbo office only under the reception, liaison and procurement functions of the .

pole standing on a ferry bound for the East, against the still slightly cold breezes, the Wasserstein mood’d rather excited, after all this time from the beginning of the trial operation of the Blue Whale Island is about to enter the time, all the preparations Work will be launched.

“such a long time, do not know Peas getting on well?” nestled in the Jia Hua Xu Ying looked at the direction of the east side of the pole of the island, said a little worried.

“? Rest assured, there Zheng t take, it will starve you” close hand grabbed the Jiahua Xu Ying’s shoulder, smiled and said: “Do you not see him in the video being lively look? “

because every time a plane with Peas it is a very troublesome thing, desperation, and Xu Ying Feng Jia Hua is the Peas had to stay in the blue whale island. Fortunately, however, this New Year Zheng Hai has been left in the Blue Whale Island on duty, Peas will have a value of trust to take care of the Wasserstein will not have much to worry about.

month but did not see the Peas, let give my heart to blame Xu Ying Jia Hua and miss, so the two of them often and Zheng Hai video chat, take a look at the way Peas. Peas remember the first time watching the video, give Wasserstein emerge out of a smile on his face.
Perhaps in the eyes of
Peas, every video is a magical experience, because even from his two masters appear on a small screen, but behind the screen but can not find them. However Peas still quite enjoy every opportunity of the video, after all, you can see the owner’s face, hear their voices, let Peas soothe irritable mood a lot.

“Wasserstein. then I need to do something ah?” All along, Xu Ying are accustomed to freedom in life, all of a sudden thought to be involved in the affairs of the Blue Whale Island hotel among her inevitable a little uneasy.

“nothing specific to do something or someone, you just start from the art in this area, just made the whole enterprise publicity your thoughts on the line, not difficult.” For Jiahua Xu Ying’s mind to know, quickly consolation she said.

fact. Let Xu Ying Ge enterprises to participate in the production of publicity is the Jia Hua Xu Ying looked somewhat busy fast enough to stay at home, give her something to dry it. Anyway, she has painting skills, naturally know how to order the promotional pictures more easily move people, the Wasserstein natural talent she will not be wasted. Secondly, let Xu Ying also learn more about the operational status of the Blue Whale Island, after all, the boss is not for their own belongings without any understanding.

addition, Xu Ying Li

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. If you can find him, also considered the father of a mind to understand, you know, his father’s body …… “His eyes faint hint of concern emerges.” Over the years, Khan has been on the child touches obsession . “Jules are thinking eyes revealing a hint of the complexity of God,cheap canada goose, and then said,” Your Highness, this time while we and Zhou alliance of 付齐国, but Yuwen person unfathomable, ruthless emperor even have their own legislation then kill, His Royal Highness was careful to fast. “

Ashina Philip laughed, “this person sinister, I will not know how he teamed up this time and I would like nothing more than to be like to take our strength for Fu Qiguo, such as Qi and off, I’m afraid to turn to us , but, in turn,canada goose jackets, we are also butterfly with his strength, the last winner not know. “

“His Royal Highness said that,” at Le Du Si Qinpei glance at Ashina Philip hearty smile, looking at Prince grew older, he has been convinced that the Prince will become the most out of the Turkic Khan.

sunrise through the trees leaves a gap in the two men who shed a jumping gold spot.
long this time, early in the morning came on Chang’an Avenue, but to find a large circle, but did not find that pinching people hawking sugar figure, asked several people, but no one knows his whereabouts.

thought myself to lose the trust of the people, no longer Christine heart a little depressed,canada goose outlet, I suddenly felt under the maple opposite seems someone is looking at myself, subconsciously, she looked up in the past.

maple leaves already infected with fiery color, red and gold autumn swayed bright sunlight, dazzling cast dappled spot. Leaves of a tree swaying in the autumn, in the trees cast a large dark, the boy’s expression tree graffiti into a group ambiguous.

“is you, you really come?” long hi Christine first one, then another showing a hint of frustration God.

“Yesterday was not you say it? want to send me the candy man.” Yuwen Yong’s face with a smile means unknown, from under the tree slowly walked out.

long Christine embarrassed touched his head, “Yes, but unfortunately that does not pinch the sugar hawkers who ……”

“Oh, really disappointed, I specifically take a trip to the candy man.” His face was disappointed God, the word deliberately aggravated the disappointment, satisfaction of watching Christine’s face is covered with long Sorry expression.

“The son, is that you are looking for sugar Pinch Liu Qi people do?” one of two baskets of oranges hawkers lug around a long Christine suddenly stopped, the opening track, “He is my neighbor, yesterday back home when he fell and today they can not work up. “

“ah? how such a coincidence?” long Christine frowned, suddenly blinked, “So you took us to his house it.”

hawkers cheeky difficult, “but even a small business ……”

“Never mind, never mind, your whole oranges bought this son!” Long Christine said smiling.

hawkers overjoyed, “Well, well, little son go with this.”

long Christine still standing there and looking at the Yuwen Yong, pull up his sleeve, “What also stunned, walked together!”

after turn West to East, hawkers brought them to the residence of a simple, long-Christine looked at Yuwen Yong, so she was surprised that your son who seems to disagree here humble and God is always difficult fathom.

from just now, Yuwen Yong has been waiting to see her sake they going to want to do, then, he saw a long Christine carefully inquired who produced sugar method, under the guidance of Liu Qi plays a boil syrup ……

Does she want …… Yuwen Yong’s eyes flitted over little surprised.

perhaps because brewed syrup relationship, she slowly leaking a little too seemed about to drop out of the skin in red on white skin, in the faint sunlight, sentimental and charming, these two completely different temperament intertwined, was actually an unexpected harmony.

let his eyes like getting blurred, as if back in the very young, every year birthday, my mother brought specially to let his favorite uncle sugar from ectopic …… who loved his parents, kindly uncle who kindly brothers, all this came to power after his uncle Yuwen would disappear ……

he could only watch as people are renowned for their own care, one, one, was gone.

and he did, only to continue to live …… patience with live ……

“Ha, you’re done!” long looked at the hands of Christine proud of the finished product, just about handed Yuwen Yong, was surprised to find he bowed his head, his face looked a little nostalgia, but also a little sad, eyes filled with bottomless sad.

long Christine heart a slight movement, he wanted to own your mother yet?
long until a pinch of sugar crooked man handed him when Yuwen Yong they recovered.

“While doing well, but everyone should keep its promise, since I promised you, it must be done.” smiles Christine Long said she did not know why they are so persistent, just, just think If you do not do this, she was a little uncomfortable.

“ugly.” He said something low.

“This is ugly, but after all, is the first time I do, ah, hand-made, not bought more sincere than you?” Christine wiped the sweat on his forehead long, “I promise, some good Eat! “

took an instant sugar man, his fingers touching her, if there seems to be no heating will lazily rising up from between his fingers.

“This is what?” he frowned.

“of course, is ah?”

“…… me how kang out?”

“You see, there are chest ……” She also specifically pointed his finger.

“……” His mouth twitched.

“Well, I still do, go ahead.” Long Christine smiled and clapped her hands, revealing a hint relieved expression, which erupted in the heart more comfortable.

“What is your name?” low Yuwen Yong spoke.

“My name – Don rain, How about you?”

“Mi Luo told me good.”

“Mi Luo, so you are Xianbei people.” Long Christine suddenly, I heard Xianbei much, it really is true, look in front of the boy, touches Pianpianshaonian.

However, in the long Christine’s eyes, this world, some people will never be more than nine uncle.

Yuwen Yong did not deny that his body does flow with blood Xianbeis.

“and so on, son, that villain orange ……” has been secretly anxious little symbols next to her to go, quickly out of the sound.

“Oh,” Long Christine into the arms of touch, eh? Morning out too hasty actually forgot to bring money. Oh, if he did not have any money would not be humiliated, her eyes a turn, fell Yuwen Yong body.

“your orange ah, of course, is the Mi Luo Gongzai pay. worry, he will buy your oranges,” Long Christine blinked at him, “In addition, the sugar people money by him pay oh. “

“Did not you say sent me?” Yuwen Yong smiled gently.

“But I paid labor ah, you know let the son personally hands is how rare that this person is simply the value of the sugar daughter!” long side quibble with Christine, while quickly slipped out the door.

Yuwen Yong just took a step forward, it was the hawkers grabbed the sleeve, “Son, you can be sure to buy these small oranges ……”

“Bank of the line.” He was about to pay from his arms, but feel empty. Yes, every slip out from the palace, are Ndiaye pay, he did not have any money consciousness.

“son …… you have to buy the villain of oranges ah!” Hawker cling tightly to his legs, like holding a money jar.

Yuwen Yong dumbfounding hand against the forehead, head float a big cross tangle.

guy, he will not be the whole purpose of it?

long time must not think of Christine, the Mi Luo Gongzai and she will actually committed the same mistake. After she came out from there, they walked toward a familiar road, the road leading to her previous residence in Chang’an.

the autumn wind suddenly become big up through the branches and leaves tip of the gap, starting with “squelch” the general tide of sound, through the gap between house tiles, extruded flat rolled forces falling leaves blowing a little whirlwind.

everything has changed, before the ruins, has now built a new home.

looking at the front of all, her body trembled, unconscious hand into a fist grip because of excessive force and phalanges white. Suddenly, not far from there was a familiar figure. The man moved closer, long-Christine closer look, the man turned out to be vaguely discerned old neighbor – Wang aunt.

Although heart some excitement, but the thought of his time to the task, she did not say anything endure, just about to turn around, but just listen to the voice of the king aunt rang.

“you, you are a long Christine?”

long Christine surprise, and sometimes not quite know how to respond.

“You’re a long Christine’s right,” Wang aunt’s face filled with a hint of the joy of God, “and the kid looks exactly like you, no, no, look better than a child!”

“Wang aunt ……” She did not hide silt, voice trembling with emotion.

“Good boy, you live just fine.” Wang aunt asked her some comforting situation, I suddenly thought of something like North Korea looked around and whispered, “Long Gong, anxious before you go, I did not have time to tell you, in fact, I always have something I be suspicious. “


“Before that fire, there are personal to your mother.”


long look at Christine’s face changed, and looked excited asked the sentence, “What did you say? someone being my mother? kind of person?”

Wang aunt seems to recall a moment and said, “have so many years, I only remember is expensively dressed lady.”

expensively dressed lady? Christine long moment, can not remember your mother if he knew such a person.

“Wang aunt, you have to say clearly, that the child looks like, about how much older? kind of person?” She raised her voice, a series of questioning down.

“Oh, yes, the lady looked, the other I can not remember.” Wang aunt paused, then said, “I just feel a bit strange, how your mother would know that lady … … “
long fingers clenched, her intuition told myself, this man and this fire might be relevant, however, the person who will be?

now her heart is far too confusing, calm, she needs to calm down. If there is such a person, then why have not before Hulv uncle found out?

“Wang aunt, after the fire you have been living here?” long Christine whispered.

Wang aunt shook his head, “since that fire, I went home in the South, these days came back to Chang, this is not to say also happened, even the one to hit you.”

was such a long Christine looked at her thoughtfully, precisely because of this, so Hulv uncle’s talent given a statement such an important message.

“Well, who can not think, even this would happen, but for the family that Zheng naughty child, how would they ……” Wang aunt sighed and shook his head.

“I heard people say the fire is kindled from the Cheng family, the discord, the family also ……” long before Hulv Christine remembered Uncle probe to the news, a five Cheng family have died in the flames up.

Wang aunt’s face flashed a subtle hint of God, whispered, “But I heard that the child was still alive, but it seems crazy. Oh, really commit a sin ah.”

still alive? Long Christine heart a little surprised, then the child will never know what? Thought of here, her mood and excited, “Wang aunt, know that the child is now in what place?”

Wang aunt uncertain shook his head, “that I’m not sure.”

Wang and her aunt soon bid farewell to the long standing quietly in situ Christine did not move, could not have had a strong sun seemed to look somewhat diminished cast faint shadows on a few slices of sunny space, she looked up Look to the sky, turned out to be several flower does not know when the cloud appeared, changing the shape of the sun obscured.

back to the inn, she entered the room, was surprised to find the constant Buddha was sitting where.

“you how in my room?” She was almost startled him.

“Uncle Li is dead.” His face is not unusual hanging Nama eternal smile.

long Christine was shocked, “Uncle Li how to die?”

constant Buddha looked at her, “This is also the Uncle Li is too reckless, even without my permission, they sneak into the palace unauthorized snooping message.” Long Christine’s heart filled with a trace of sadness, after all, Uncle Li also and they get along period of time.

“Uncle Li has been to arouse his suspicions, and I see Yuwen soon found here, so everything must be terminated and we go back.” Heng said Gad indifferent God.

“how that line!” Long Christine immediately oppose “We managed to come here, nothing has been found. how to easily give up! emperor how to explain?”

constant Buddha has emerged out of lips that smile, “that it may not be, we have found enough confessed, Turks transaction is the fact that while the emergence of Turkic royal alliance is likely explained if not guess wrong, once the alliance is successful, they will soon attack to clarity. “

“But you also said, just possibly.” She glared at him, “I want to – Identify the message”

“determine the news?” he smiled, “Compared to these, I care more about my own life Do not forget, we are now in Chang’an.”

“斛律 constant Gad, you still is 斛律 family man? so afraid to die!” Long Christine looked at him annoyed.

“afraid to die ……” He laughed softly, “this world, no matter, let me take anyone to risk his own life and I do not say yet,” he suddenly lowered his head, with a hint of the cool breath blowing in her ear, “I care about most people, that is – my own.”

long Christine suddenly raised his head and saw his light brown eyes shining light of nothingness, is looking into the endless darkness.

“What time do you intend to leave here?” In the long Christine’s eyes, the impression that he had gone from being one of a cowardly.


long Christine did not speak, just croon a cry, she does not like him so afraid to die anyway, she will not give up. Since Uncle Li was murdered in the palace, the palace Is there a secret? Thought of here, her heart a move, made a bold decision, as they simply explore the palace!

mind kept turning her thoughts, his face is not the slightest show it, because she knows that if this only see a little clue, then this program will be completely wasted.

“go on tomorrow to go tomorrow, I sleep.” She glanced at him, “Are you still doing here? do the authors think over in this room?”
This is
she casually said, no one thought the constant Buddha’s face actually float a touch suspicious red.

What a strange guy …… she did not know at this time constant Buddha mind has cropped up a few characters: She is a personal …… she is a personal ……

“You break it sooner.” Hang Buddha coughed gently, quickly exit the room.

concentrated too deep tonight, only a few of the stars shimmering unknown, two more shortly after, long black-clad Christine appeared outside the palace, waiting quietly in the shelter. Before listening to Uncle Li said the guards were out patrolling around and at this time, including night patrol guards were changing of the guard, in order to mix in, this is the only chance.

also good luck, happened then someone out patrolling guards to relieve themselves, taking advantage of his arrival in the shadows, and before he took off his pants

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Of course all civilized people, speak mindful point! ,
Liu haha ​​laughed: “Yes, it is civilized, civilized people can do something happens that some uncivilized things!
“That and what is your relationship!” Liu Yi Fei gas, and today she is not subject to the grievance yixingbandian
Liu somewhat hideous face: “You know, I really like pure image on the screen for you, but today you made me to disillusion, Well, in the final analysis you will, and a man just fornication.”
“You …… bastard!, Liu Yi Fei speechless with rage
color Mimi Liu suddenly looked Liu Yi Fei, said:? “Well, how much,
Liu Yi Fei stunned: “How much money,?
Liu angrily: “! pretend to be installed out how much money you finally agreed to accompany the people?”
“What do you mean!” Liu Yi Fei can simply put on his hat, and Liu words is simply an insult to her personality
Liu Hey laughed: “You pretend to pure willing to accompany this kid last night, not that he paid the money yet say how much you want before they agree with me, or to accompany me tonight.? I’ll give you money! “He also noted that unlike in the past the Ling Peng days. At least a few million to buy ornaments.
“You ,canada goose outlet…… you ……” Liu Yi Fei angry cry
“Liu!” Liu Qing Shen no longer tolerate the defiance, anger face more prestige, “Liu funds so do not think you can point presumptuous property in China, I tell you, you do not qualify arrogant! “
Liu Mei Mao Yiyang: “You’re just a small broker, you’re arrogant anything!
“Really?” Shen Qing cold smile
underground passage Ling Peng day came, it Simcheong really simple, if just a simple broker. Never say something like that, would not be so offended many riches to Liu funds.
“Go back and tell your dad Liutian Yang, told him to take his son to discipline, or do not know what it is about the trouble!” Shen cool smiles
Liu shocked. Simcheong to hear the tone of a person: he does not say is that his father, the head of the fund Liu people do not look in the eyes. This is a small broker can say then?
but Liu was brought by the family when the baby spoil, but also to listen to the words of contempt of others, said: “bitch, you arrogant Believe it or not I let you get out of the N City.!
Ling Peng days a frown, and anyway it did not get Simcheong speak their origins, no longer want to waste time here, came over for Liu said: “Liu Dagong child, you trouble enough of it, enough on the go , before I get angry! “
Liu heard sneered: “Ling Peng days you still think of myself as one thing which I just do not give Wa face and you care about Ersi you really think I’m afraid of you a little, but you do not know to go.?.? What dog show Yunfa a small fortune to people Ersi, and I really think you can equal footing? “
day Ling Peng heard anger occur, to exercise our powers in hand, heavy pressure on Liu’s shoulders, coldly:! “Believe it or not I put you spent here,
Liu blushed, but speechless,cheap canada goose, Ling Peng days palms like there’s heavy weight. The weight of his breath would hardly come, are not big hate, but also regret, I thought this kid really like Wah said,canada goose jackets, is also a master, but unfortunately is not here today, Wah, or which round to get him arrogant. After
warning, Ling Peng for himself even days, to ease the hand away, and said: “Liu Gongzai, after the hand, then still have to be careful, do not over!”
Liu eliminates pressure on the shoulders, he felt extremely relaxed, but resentment stare heard Ling Peng day one, teeth: “! surnamed Peng ground, you remember me, I will find this child back,” finished ignore him together with Pan Yun, Shuaishuai sleeves away.
Liu looked back disappeared in front of the store, Peng Ling Ling smiled day had honestly say that Liu was not able to really compete with the length of his characters, says that he is not to the same level: not afraid What intrigues him, as a famous saying goes: the face of absolute power, all the machinations are pale joke. On Wu, hehe. Liu is one hundred nor his opponent, is to protect his wah before, so now is not necessarily a white wind and cold injuries after month tune taught Ling Peng-day opponents! As Liu fund, yes, be a little bit of money, but Ling Peng day absolutely believe that after a period of time, their money would be far to throw it in the back!
“Are you okay?” Liu Yi Fei still looked like endless rage, Ling Ling Peng day care to the one
“What do you think?” Liu Yi Fei snappily one’s eyes to him, he did not blame the timely rescue came out to see the results of it, he came out, Liu left, before he was seen in the spectacular come forward!
“should be all right!” Peng Ling himself to answer the day
“Pang just really good prestige, sentence scare Liu fund to son, really amazing!” Shen Qing seems strange to non-strange “Like” the day Ling Peng
Ling Peng day smiles: “I hear you’re a little bit how other meaning.
Simcheong touch authentic: “What do you mean how can we have such civilians can I blame you for this great noble meaning!.”
“Hey!” Ling Peng days do not have meaning, “You are the civilians do?,
Simcheong heart startled: “What do you mean?
“Nothing!” Ling Peng days do not point out that although the origins of suspected Simcheong simple, but it is just bad Ersi, the key is no evidence
“Well, go back, give Liu such a trouble, we estimated that there is no interest to play it!” Peng Chia sisters of days Ling said softly, turned around and on the side is still Pan Yun said, “As for Pan Miss, but where you hit it on the back of which, I do not want to talk to you so that day what happened! “To tell the truth, he is also a bit loath to Pan Yun, it’s not afraid of what her ruse, but was afraid of her temptation. Have to say, Pan Yun is also a great beauty, she is also beautifully, seductively Mogong also trained a little heat, because of this, he was afraid he caught in a snare in the Pan Yun flesh. If it is something so beautiful to lure him, maybe he really is on, you can not simple identity Pan Yun Yeah, I really want to tangle with her words, and it does not have a magic door doctors shallow relationships, and that self-
really had a lot of trouble, and now he and the doctors wanted to fairy door yellow Shaner was nothing ambiguous point, it found it difficult to deal with the relationship between him and the door of the medical cents. So, on the Pan beauty or not good!
“I really have so please you tired of it?” no matter how many people next. Pan Yun Peng looked charming Resentment days Ling, she likes to seduce Ling Peng days.
demons sound one, really to life. This does not, hear Pan Yun Resentment. Originally still blame John Day Ling Fa and with a beautiful vibrato wrapped unclear Liu Yi Fei suddenly changed its position and become blame Peng days Ling unromantic abandoned Pan beauty, my heart also Pan beauty Dunsheng sympathy, see Peng days Ling’s eyes are poison up.

one hundred and thirtieth chapter V of cooperation
eat Quartet (a)

Peng Liu Yi Fei day Ling was seen over the body sweat, had to explain:.! “said Miss Pan Yun is a friend of my head I do not like my friend misunderstanding, so I do not talk too much,
“your friend? head?” Liu Yi Fei certainly do not know Peng days Ling said the medical cents door yellow Shaner, these sects dispute, she only heard from their filmed television over the question, where would think reality really the existence of such factions.
is Pan Yun was surprised, I did not expect Shaner Peng Huang Ling-day minds are so important, because she will not dare to make friends their own, this does not mean to say so more inclined Ling Peng days with medical cents door it? It can not, they can not lose the yellow Shaner!
“That I am not that pathetic?” Pan Yun demons really makes her sound like a battered wronged Jour, so sad to see news
Ling Peng day can not eat this, said: “Miss Pan, things between us, I hope to find time to talk, but now I really want to go back, please do not hit the rope, OK?” Pan Yun thought that lure The human body, Peng Ling day really felt it would shed saliva!
rid Pan Yun is to discuss a way to discuss something with her time off the Pan Yun Peng Ling breathed days, several people have no interest in playing, and sought advice about the crowd, Sun sisters talking back to the villa, while Liu Yi Fei Qing Shen said the two men came out for a long time to get back to the hotel.
“Fifi sister, the first not to go back, okay?” SUN Xiao such as Liu Yi also very good impression, I feel like a big sister she is very concerned about her love, “to our house for dinner, do the dishes my sister’s good to eat Oh! “
“This ……” Liu Yi Fei Peng days Ling looked hesitant, afraid he might not welcome
day Ling Peng laughed: “Go, go back and you can cook things we can talk about the cooperation!?”
“cooperation?” Liu Yi Fei is suspected flu, do not know the day Ling Peng said is how one thing
“right. was cooperation! Miss Shen, I think you came to me today, they would not really matter because what irresolute smell it?” Peng Ling days to Simcheong blinked.
Simcheong hearts surprised, said: “Mr Pang, have to say, you are a wise man
“clear aunt, in the end how the matter?” Liu Yi Fei more doubts
Ling Peng day smiles: “back to the villa to say it,! So few people
a taxi back to the villa, Pang Qing Liu Yi Fei Ling days Simcheong sat down in the living room, sitting on the side of their own to accompany it: Chia sisters thinking about what to eat, they went into the kitchen running around tending.
sitting at the table looking at the other side of the sky Ling Peng, Liu Yi Fei asked: “Well, you and I have to say the same thing after all how, and how I feel is not know like,!
day Ling Peng said:! “You do not know, Ms. Shen was clear enough, I think you will not really matter because irresolute smell right to me send a punitive expedition,?
“I am!” Liu Yi Fei big points its head, “I came to condemn, for this thing I’m angry, really began to think that you leaked the news!,
“You are, but Ms. Shen is not!,
Liu Yi Fei said: “What does it mean?
day Ling Peng said: “I mean, you may have because of irresolute and smell, but it is definitely not Miss Shen,!
“Oh?” Simcheong to the interest, “I also want to hear how Mr Pang said.
“It also said it?” Ling Peng day laughing, “This is no longer simple, however, and when it comes to smell irresolute, as a public figure, I think you have encountered a lot of it, how come I have to say, but why condemn of it, we should also not very familiar with it? Having said that, Miss Liu, you are to act without the consent of Miss you should not come to the bar? In other words, you’ve come to me. most
Miss Shen meaning. The Miss Shen then sensible person, because a little bit of how to engage in what irresolute smell condemn! So I think she should be reminded of what I said last night regarding the cooperation it? “Shen Qing applaud exclaim:” Sure enough, smart enough
Liu Yi Fei look and see Shen Qing Ling Peng days sighed: “! Well, you are smart people, it seems that only a fool I did say what you said cooperation in the end how the matter.”
“Miss Liu is not a fool, you are a lucky person, I do not give you money this coming? Ling Peng days laughed,” Do you think I gave you yesterday to medicine how? “
“Are you saying that the cure throat medicine?” Liu Yi Fei Peng days Ling looked “good ah very magical, less than ten minutes my throat like you to listen, I have not a little hoarse! how you want to do business this medicine do? “
day Ling Peng laughed: “doing business right medicine to cure throat but not this drug, it’s not worth me do I still have more magical medicine.!
“Even more amazing?” This has surprised even Simcheong
“Is there anything strange, I’m very much a doctor Oh!,
Liu Yi Fei curious to ask: “What is that drug?
Ling Peng days out of a sub-files from under the table and handed the two women. This is a reference to a number of corporate planning, he made his own book about to be vulnerary production planning book, wrote a vulnerary roughly above the magical efficacy and sales prospects, as well as a variety of sales, of course, also mentioned that he wanted to build companies.
probably watched five minutes later. Simcheong down planning book, said: “Mr Pang not say it is a good idea to plan a very good book..”
Peng Ling a day to air, what “good planning book,” “a good idea” Is that it is just their own whimsical nothing
“that Miss Shen think?” Ling Peng days are not asked
Simcheong touch authentic: “very good,?
day Ling Peng eyes widened slightly when he heard the point, turned around and asked Liu Yi Fei:? “Do you think it,
Liu Yi Fei Shen look to clear, light chuckle:! “commercial, what, I do not know, clear my aunt to a broker, I have these things to her, she has always been the final say,
Ling Peng days dumbfounding, words tactful enough not to say the plan does not believe his books are written in this thing
“I do not know why you say that, do not know you do not believe in anything. Could not believe how wonderful medicine?” Peng Ling asked, puzzled days
“We will not speak of medicine!” Shen Ching Road, “say your company right, uh, you have great ambitions, saying that group, but have to say a hit you, you’re just a small company only, kind of there is a great distance flagship company: bluntly assets of your company is just a few thousand people do it unreasonable possessor companies.
“is very small, but I am confident it bigger!” Peng Ling-day course that initially said Yao Wang Jian “group” is much point, early for a little unrealistic, but he was convinced that sooner or later their own company would reach this scale.
“confident is good!” Simcheong touch authentic, “but I think we have what can cooperate.
Ling Peng day does not answer this question, asked: “? how do you think this kind of medicine.”
Shen Dao: “medicine is good medicine, as you saw last night so magical medicine, which I would not doubt it.
day Ling Peng smiled: “That’s what you have to hesitate, do not you optimistic about the prospects for my medicine.”
look the other way for a moment Pang Qing Shen Ling days. Said: “Mr. Peng is the first time it went into business to do business not think to buy something so simple?!”
“What do you mean?” Peng Ling frowned days
“In addition to products., there are many things you need to deal with, such as sales channels as far as I know, you do not have a huge drug company and sales network, and this network in China’s pharmaceutical market is only controlled by two large companies hand where, I ask, they allow you to have this drug can overwhelm all their people into this market it? Are you afraid of them together to squeeze you out of it? “
Peng Ling smile more joy the day: “You do not have to worry about this, I have my own way!” He did not believe the medical doctors with the magic fairy door door will compromise jointly trend, even though due to the exclusion of interest, he would invariably the drug new, but the identity of his own disciples are doctors 武双雄. They estimated that for tomorrow’s battle of wits Assembly will try to draw himself, then his company how they have to give that little face! Do say, he still has military drugs that wash copper. Zhou With this relationship, should be able to pull this line to yourself? Just pull this line, on their own in China can be said to go sideways, after all, where the military is the most powerful.
Simcheong doubting authentic: “You are not afraid of other reasons other than the economy makes your company do not go,?
“you say to that? underworld? politics? Haha, I said these you do not have to worry about!” Peng Ling laughed days,

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However, cheerful, and they have been classified into the Xiaoqi Ying forces under the Kingship, not knowing that as long as the reign of the emperor day, which always forces loyal to only one person.
“emperor in exploratory Kingship.” Zhao Chen voice taut, surprised eyes look like raging tide, “even in the tentative Prince.” Under
Yinzhou City Silver Mine is not there no longer important, if this speculation is true, then every thing so far have done Prince and HW are afraid the emperor in the eyes.
think of this, Zhao Chen had to feel scared, a little action if Prince had expressed the heart of these coveted silver veins, I’m afraid ……
Although fifteen years have passed, but no-one knows what the emperor is the most taboo, but once someone touch the emperor Ni Lin, I am afraid that even his own son, the emperor will not be lenient it.
“Brother, your hands,canada goose jackets, and Prince did not you?” Zhao Chen Xi Huang conspire around suddenly opening.
Zhao Chen recovered from the shock, his hands clutching one, have been discovered palm tired of the thin layer of sweat.
“because things are not yet clear, so just arranged for people to spy on, nothing to do.”
Xi Huang rub the hands, fingers clasped down in the front, “I think it is better not to mix things go well, anyway, as long as the moral upright prince, the future emperor is his, is indisputable indisputable that want to hurry Hanwang, let them go for a good, long on the wrong anyway, and more, less for fewer mistakes, of course, no good. “
Prince is Allegiance, indeed it did not commit a big mistake if the emperor is not easily Yi Chu, perhaps holds many lessons for the appropriateness of the method is to wait and see.
“Xi Huang, thanks to you, we That did not make any mistakes.” Zhao Chen gradually turned his face looked relaxed, thinking the palace to inform the Prince soon as tomorrow, do not rush to do it.
“I’m just guessing, do not be prospective.” Xi Huang smiled, looked up at the sky, I do not know where they floated a cloud, like the hook block and a half months to go most mysterious, the bright Double Vision also instantly go dark.
“? exploratory” Prince left hand holding the cup, right index finger, middle finger pattern of blue and white porcelain tea tucked under sweeping cover about tea, eyes downcast, thoughtfully and said: “If so, then scold Fu Huang Chu The faithful can be a really unusual. “
Zhao Chen smile, “The emperor is so trusted right phase, Your Highness think it is a good thing?” The first phase but moving in the right Fumiomi, the striking position, protege Guli pivotal to various departments throughout the court. Son right phase will again lead role in Xiaoqi Ying in the hands of the forty Jingji moderation. Whether words or text on the force, the forces of the Chu family is very frightening. The most important point is that the emperor’s trust in the Prime Minister’s palace, seems others can not match.
Prince closed hands cup, wrote resting beside the table, “at least not too bad.” song from his index finger to look under a regular beat in the back, “as you say, they are loyal to the emperor not Kingship, as long as the king of rock solid day in this position, they would not reach the king. “
Zhao Chen nodded, “That thing Yinzhou let them do anything the time being.”
“Well, but still have to stare staring, in case anything should happen, we will not have a little preparation and no.”
“I know.” Zhao Chen stood up from his chair toward the Prince for the ceremony, “that I first eviction of.”
“sub-kei.” Prince see Zhao Chen turned to go, suddenly out Shenghuan Road, “if given day marriage Germany condensate Princess Fu Huang, Yasukuni Houfu actually a double celebration.”
Prince sounds cold, it seems also with a hint of faint smile difficile.
Zhao Chen Dan fixed smile, mind give birth to chill thoroughly limbs, “my sister said it used to stay outside year round, and less learning deportment, did not understand female red temper is very stubborn, Which married her son happen headache. “
Prince look Zhao Chen, Chunpan hold in the mouth on a smile, “You’re so belittle his sister, really turn iron into steel, or is it deliberately maintain?” He looked Zhao Chen deadpan look, I do not know hi or the worry, “Prime Minister’s door can be considered the first match afford Princess, and will not really wronged her, you say?”
“Your Highness What does it mean?” Zhao Chen tried homemade, but can not help getting a cold voice.
Prince stood up from his chair, walked beside Zhao Chen, Fuer, Yiziyizi slowly: “I want to marry Princess de Ning Chu Huan, after all, is married off his daughter from a husband and wife Erque are marrying, you say? “
“impossible.” Zhao Chen unthinking blurting on the Road, they saw Carter, Prince eyebrow smile, the way he felt badly, “I mean ……”
do not wait for him to explain, Prince has been hand hold his shoulders, Huazhongyouhua, “It seems that you care about what Germany condensate Princess.”
Zhao Chen alarmed by the resistance under hearts, respectful replied: “Yaomei fifteen years away from home, suffered frost, this time finally came back,cheap canada goose, we were too early to give up her home or longer suffering, even to marry I hope my sister who is preferred, and I hope the house □ understanding. “
“You still have reservations on the king, is not it?” Prince smile, press fingers tightened on his shoulders.
“Robinson on His Highness never fool twelve, His Highness Meditate.” He deeply Dishou, back bent by snow like a tall bamboo.
“Look at you, the king also just such a question, you’d all seriousness.” Prince holding his elbow propped his attitude is very amiable,canada goose outlet, “De Ning Wang Princess aunt of the future as well, the Of course, the king wanted to marry her Mr. Right up. “he said sincere, as if she really just totally kindness.
Zhao Chen reluctantly from the face of stiff stays a little smile, “Hall □ shirt.”
Prince let go, bear in the post, and said:. “After a few days of spring hunting is, Fu Huang did not want to wantonly extravagant, they decided to just go house hunting on the sun, you are ready to look back to the government, the day after departure.”
annual spring hunting is a big deal, as long as short in January, March, during the emperor lived in the palace of the Tang Quan, several ares around hunting, feeding countless rare birds can be far away from the palace of the empire, the light path is necessary consuming large half time.
Prince’s wedding just around the corner, spring hunting is traditional practices do not change, the emperor will move away from the empire’s closer to the sun in the hunting palace it is in the sense of.
Zhao Chen Suijia almost every year, has long been accustomed to.
Prince but said: “Jean de Ning Fu Huang Sheriff Suijia also go.”
emperor actually let go hunting together Huang Xi Gong? Zhao Chen looked surprised, a few suspected he got it wrong.
Prince’s enigmatic smile, “Fu Huang Ning seems very favorite German princess.”

silver sugar

Feng Wei early glimpse of the emperor in the empire thanks to a set of house to him, but because they do not resident, so leaving only a few servants in the house, every appeal to Beijing to stay on the job until January, when a half months.
Feng Yun Gang went to the Ministry of War, back home have not spare some time to sip tea, received a palace to the messenger, saying that the emperor summoned. He thought the emperor summoned his not so fast.
about Prince’s wedding approaches, intrauterine a beaming everywhere hanging eaves decorated with red damask, wearing a veil Gonge Uneme Shiloh, also a brisk walk between lightly. After
Feng Yun received the Hall of Mental Cultivation chamberlain, and the door paternity Cheng said two words, stood back, respectful of Yun Feng said:. “the emperor is inside, please take care of the generals go”
“a labor of.” Feng Yun hand to answer, straightened dressed into the house.
“Chen, Feng Yun, see the emperor.” empty central hall, Feng Yun one knee, sound righteousness.
silent for a moment, I heard the sanctuary came a deep voice, “Come.”
Feng Yun got up and walked toward the sanctuary, chamberlain playing the curtain, opened the bright yellow draperies. Originally secretly floating ambergris gradually turn sink, under long windows, the emperor fallen by half leaning on his body wrapped in gold dragons Can robe, in front of the home of one of several small checkerboard, positive Nianzhao a pawn in the hands of the emperor smiling at him.
Feng Yun leisurely salute again, “Chen, Feng Yun see the emperor.”
“over so I look.” emperor voice smile. After
Feng Yun stood up, approached a few steps toward the emperor.
he unloaded the sword, wearing robes generals, soldiers character between explicit manner, very British Gas is pressing.
“Feng Wei recent years, okay?” The emperor asked laughing, like thoughtful inquiry.
Feng Yun respectful attitude, “Thanks to the emperor Guaai, recently my father is still good, but recently the Western Turks frequently movement father to withdraw the inconvenience, and that makes the job Wei Chen Beijing to appeal.”
“can play chess?” emperor suddenly asked.
Feng Yun was the emperor asked confused shocked surprise, stared at the emperor, this topic has become too quickly.
emperor get knocked fingertips pawn chessboard, smiled and said:. “I remember the next chess Wei Feng was excellent, when Chu scold nor even his opponents do, presumably tiger father like son it should be.”
Feng Yun is nothing quite aware of his father’s love of swing chess game, leisure time father and sister would play chess, chessboard fight between the confusion, a flash that day.
sister always laughed myself riding aspect battlefield in this life can not only be fun on the board of. Impression, the sister of chess with his father seems no less. And less than a yard the most resistant heart to chess, it is your own.
“emperor probably be disappointed, Wei Chen of chess is very general.” Feng Yun generous recognition, did not feel anything embarrassed.
“anyway, anyway idle no matter, it is better to accompany I talk about a game of hand.” emperor wide sleeves Yifu, invited Feng Yun seated in the right case.
since the emperor has openings Feng Yun naturally can not go against the holy, he sat down in the case of the emperor.
valet property of the pieces on the board into the box, the emperor waved, valet hunched silently exit curtain outside.
“I remember Feng Wei have a daughter, is not it?” The emperor hand Dian sunspots, at the corner of jade plate fall.
Feng Yun then go chess, “Wei Chen does have a sister, but she played a small poor health, has been home to recuperate.”
“Ningshuo by Northwest, dry climate and more sand is not suitable for rest and recuperation, it is better to take your sister to Royal Park, fertile soil and water here, precious herbs are ready, the body good.” emperor like inadvertently said.
aroma filled the house of melancholy, ‘flip’ the Lazi Che sound extremely bright.
Feng Yun pawn in the hands rubbed bright, my heart jumped slightly, “Thanks to His Majesty love, but for Shemei stubbornly unwilling to leave home, I’m afraid his father would send her off early Ningshuo up.”
under the emperor moved the body, Shen Rui eyes staring straight in front of people see, Feng Yun just head down, sub-Lazi, layout though cautious, but still impossible to escape the rules, only the usual.
long, the emperor finally smile.
“Feng Yun, a few days I went together with your house hunting, to relax.”
“Xie emperor.” Feng Yun bowed submissively Shane, speech pleased, but under cover in Tongmou long eyelashes did not flashed the slightest smile.
next two or three bureau accompany the emperor, the emperor will feel tired, and then talk about some random words, and that makes Feng Yun Palace. Xuande out the door, the days have been slightly exposed Rays, he did not think it actually has been a long-time, the palace when it was noon.
he walked all the way home, met halfway on some of my colleagues has been pulled towards the better, then chatted, but for his phone calls refuse, lest we should be able to get to the door got me dinner drink. He always remembered his father told him before his departure, then with DPRK officials do not have too much climbing cross. He knew his father’s concerns, the situation in the DPRK is now apparently calm, but underneath there are many undercurrents, anybody’s guess.
Anyway, he was not like socializing communication, even if the father does not say that he would not go, and who climb friendship.
trot all the way to the door, then saw a far servants waiting on the stairs constantly looked around until I saw Feng Yun, on a three-step ladder small servant’s jumped, ran Feng Yun ” generals, generals, was looking for. “
Feng Yun frown, “is not commanded to always say that if anyone had seen me off.”
small paternity followed him, picked up the pace, “is the Yasukuni Houfu the Duke, he said, you do not come, he will not go.”
Feng Yun away this time, does have a lot of people call home, but paternity Just a little pull some innocuous excuse, people can understand that next time, and then they left.
just did not expect personable Yasukuni Hou who actually is so difficult to pass, purely BU into Haoshuodaishuo people just do not go nuts until Feng Yun unavailable. Duke dignified people of the statue, the future Guojiu Ye, who would dare to offend? Therefore, only a small paternity welcome him to the hall, good water for the tea.
hear is the Yasukuni Houfu people, Feng Yun looked a lot easier, “I do not cook dinner tonight a share.”
“generals want to go out to eat it?” Little paternity Leng Leng asked back to the sentence.
Feng Yun smiling, “someone will call.” within
hall, Zhao Chen looked at the sign on the hand of a pair of unsolved hanging Tigers down chart, heard footsteps door, this back.
two men first met, a stack drag Yi Mei, elegance Zoran, a crown necklace ribbons, candid and spirited, two completely different people, like living in two different worlds.
Zhao Chen will recognize him at first, “said Phoenix general.” He smiled submissively, Chaofong Yun for the ceremony.
Feng Yun return, Dan Xiao and should be, “heard so much about little Duke name, I do not know today came to the spacious house, what are you doing?”
Zhao Chen approached two steps toward him, waist sash hanging Zi Hui Peisi unsteadily, “the government would like a phoenix generals had together, I do not know the general possibility to show up.” Feng Yun had a chance opening speech, Zhao Chen added of a “Pro to my mother told me that if less than phoenix please generals, I would not go back, phoenix generals would not wanna see me this loner wandering out of it?”
put his attitude in all seriousness, can be witty words between both smile, people listened Tuiju really embarrassed.
“Since it is interest-wife country nearby, not from Mogan Feng Yun, of course, is to lead a government some of your hospitality.” He did not Duojiasisuo the next one should be. Even today Yasukuni Houfu people do not come, he should come another day to go, because in this empire, there are people worried about allowing his father, and only Yasukuni Houfu people.
“It seems that if it is my mother’s face, phoenix generals refused to reward me really light up.” Then down, Zhao Chen heaved a sigh of relief, feeling quite disappointed meaning.
breeze Yuet Fung Yun looked like this man, even on pretty flawless face also reveals a warm smile, and he obviously does not like those who glib your son, but somehow can give birth to Zhao Chen goodwill.
“Duke please wait in the living room, I enchant clothes, get something to come.” Feng Yun nodded towards him, bayan invited him seated.
Zhao Yi Yan Chen sat down in the chair, waved and smiled and said:. “Phoenix general clothes for the body, things would not have brought” say Yasukuni Houfu Witch jade tortoise thousand years ginseng what is not? Of course, that is not bad Feng Yun little things.
no disrespect meant to highlight and Zhao Chen just outspoken point, saying exports, he does not seem to think properly, but rather Feng Yun, saying he simply does not mind if there is inadvertent collision.
“is sure to let me bring my father, not anything of value. my father just said Duke really like this stuff, be sure to let me take along come.” Feng Yun said, his face a smile and a little heavy.
change this but Zheng Zhu Chen Zhao, “Is ……”
Feng Yun nodded, pleased to see his face flashed and flew off to be careful to conceal, “It is well Zhang Fu silver sugar, my father said Duke childhood favorite.”
very old thing, a child with a father and mother lived in Ningshuo, he likes to eat this white dense, sugar-fine asparagus, also

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Slid into his body, suddenly, his eyes are blurred eyes, overflow like to meet mist, pale face, have thrown up fascinating flushed red, like poppies as attractive.

“Do not drink, come with me!” She got up and tore his clothes, he will pull it out, do not force the hand, as his body like a leaf floating on the floor, unable to pay even the slightest sound. Lnww.m

“Well-off, do you understand the rules here, Nujia tiles accompany guests only, not and will not take off mourning! Nujia but to go with, you need to answer a few questions Nujia ……”

“Good! I came lookin for!” magnolia took a deep breath, wiped away tears, his whole person corrective pull up, because the body slightly under pressure, she Tingzhaoduzi some difficult, “You listen to me, I came to the tiles in! Tonight I have this magic night palace to pack down, while a few of your questions, I can answer! first question, what is your favorite it? Let me tell you, I like goblins, I like color crimson, like the unique goblins, like unparalleled color Cardinal! However, I like not his appearance, but, but because he was the only ! “

“Then what is the first song called you? you listen well, called preference! such as your dependent / on your preference / pain is also very pleasant /

such as your dependent ……… good! You have answered my question! Give me go! “

“Oh Oh ……” paper the same people, just looked up and smirked, eyes half-blind.

magnolia regardless, Liantuo Dai will he bring out the very park. Abdominal pain and refused to take a heavy waist, she walked fast, tightly grabbed him, and he is like a ghost, hair flying, messy clothes, staggering gait, stumbling.

Along the way, the charm of the night palace people standing on both sides of a surprise, he saw a strange woman wearing a black robe, dragging the crazy little guan’er go out ……

luxury coach early in the night ectopic Charm wait magnolia let the man child unceremoniously thrown into the carriage, cold voice channel for the guards, “Go back!”

“Well …… wine, Nujia to drink ……” supine in the carriage, clutching his hand casually, face some pain.

“Do not drink!” She would hold him in his arms, gently coax to, but his body, but still cold, like ice floating on the water, a little harder would break anymore.

“No, Nujia to! Also, Dan Bliss ……” He struggled because of the pain and the kind of nothingness, fingers tightly pulled clothes.

magnolia in the end he did not know how much to take Dan Bliss, but the scene at the moment, he apparently said he had indulged down, no extricate themselves. Charm night at the Palace, which is five hundred twenty one Dan Bliss is the equivalent of tickets, which shows that a sufficient, but he ate a good few grains.

“Give me, give me …… hum ……” uncomfortable crying, his body shivering, the body must be previously also cool.

“He guards, hurry back Zhuangzi! goblins, well-behaved,cheap canada goose, do not move! forbearance and tolerance!” finger gently wipe the sweat on his face, mended, he suddenly looked up, forced to bite her finger , suddenly, the skin is torn,canada goose jackets, red blood spill, which he swallowed whole. But he did not seem to meet and continue to lick Yun, teeth biting her ……

carriage stopped, her fingers were covered with terrible teeth marks, as well as residual blood, and he looked still unclear, but just not that kind of pain, lips enchanting, strange and sexy, Zhuozhuo beautiful.

“prepare hot!” life will he carried into his room, put the tub, magnolia unbuttoned his clothes for him to freshen up. His body is alcohol, as well as powder flavor, and even other men breath ……

erosion life ……

———————- cats dividing line ——————–

: Ha ha ha looks like a sword out of it a few days moving some soil Overlord. People still dive, do not take hold of my hand again ‘shake’ the.

text of Volume III: Chapter XI

his cold body, she soaked in hot water bowl, black hair, like black water lilies blossoming in the water, like that red gown, beautiful scenery, rippling in the water, wrapped his thin body. (Blooming romance net Www.60215.Com welcome you!)

him lying basin, eyes half-open eyes, eyelashes slender, stained water droplets, and that glowing green eyes, but it is lax, start to finish, not seen magnolia, just look at the moment does not blink the air, sip gas lip, there is a detached indifference.

just in the carriage, taking blood magnolia, at the moment, he is quiet and callous, with his cold body, magnolia or even a false impression that he is merely a tool body, soul, already know the whereabouts.

towel dipped in water, gently wipe the stain on his face, and lips bloodstains, and deliberately avoided the injury goes face, those eyes are observed scars involuntary, so both Manglietia shock, but also a pain. The scars on her face is almost copied from the past, when a different, deeper wounds, some have stuttered, and some have a deep red, and some ……

these scars are not on the same day, but for a long time, draw up the.

fingertips gently poke his clothes, water on the red robe, floating in the water,canada goose outlet, exposing his white shoulders, already poor thin body, so close observation, magnolia was surprised to find, how skinny he was in the end, exactly like with a leather wrapped around the bones, no wonder, she took him, almost feel the weight. Novel network lw.m} {Eastern slender waist, hands up pinch, I am afraid will break.

towel and gently wipe, because the child’s sake, magnolia body can not bend too much, so special than the sore arm. White towel stand flowers Yulu fell on his chest, wooden face impressively found his chest is particularly conspicuous imprint on the lotus, and the location at the heart of scarlet glare, that wounds, hideous horrible, it seems just heal soon – six months, this wound healing should not be long!

six months ago, Lishan moment of life and death battle, their swords, pierce each other straight in the heart, almost to each other’s lives and half a year later, her wounds have long healed, but he was fresh as ever, but also very scary. Looked carefully, face suddenly a white magnolia, the wound should not just stab sword, but whenever the wound to heal, there is a sharp knife, and stabbed into it, so that the scar looks just like a struggling insect, a time of wandering in the edge of life and death.

her eyes flashed shock, have been afraid to go down, every part of his body are clean, but he did not do any resistance, even the eyes do not blink.

“I do not know why you are so degenerate? torturing their bodies, their nerve anesthesia ……” she thought, and she advised him that, but do not know what to say?

only one side to wipe his body, while his head down to let the tears drop in the water, a very strong way, also pulled a pleasant hint of a smile. Orient | novel network | lwo.m

“I tell you ah, later allowed to go to this place. those men are not a good thing, you want to devote to them …… see you, do not, men and women are all left off? I think before you spend the full House, is not there like men? “She had wanted to ease the atmosphere, say the words, but it is funny like that, in the end she said it was not longer.

wrapped him with clothes, took a deep breath, then gently hold him up, light death, even her belly woman does not feel so effortless!

just this body, cold too outrageous. Soak in the water an hour, but no trace of the body temperature, let her feel that they hold is a piece of ice.

obviously early summer, however, terribly cold, even the bones are on a layer of frost cloth.

“? small for gestational age, you are not cold ah how I remember you used to wear often wind – Sao death, quick to expose your charming Xiangjian it.” one man said to himself, she tried to let him say a few words, only after drinking from her blood, and that he became a small house charm night guan’er completely different.

covered with blankets for him, he still did not respond, just tired eyes closed, her words, as if not smell, so she inevitably sad.

“should also tired? Leia I am fine.” She rubbed her nose, strong inviting smile face, his eyes closed at the moment, no longer barely a collapsed down, filled in weariness.

“Otherwise, we will rest now.” This sentence, before he often said in her ear, tearing her clothes look like a baby, the eyes reveal deep ** hand is not quiet touch to touch like a child eager to get candy.

now, turning his back to her own sleep.

that subtle movements, like a needle prick in her chest.

clothes lying beside him, because pregnant, she can sleep sideways, so it is inevitable to see him back, hands stretched slowly, subconsciously arms around his cold body, but was himself frozen hit a shivering, but also that moment, he seems to move a little, very weak, body slightly curled, a bit like fleeing her embrace.

“You are not hate me?” silence in the air, came her muffled voice, low, she could almost hear.

moonlight indifferent, sprinkle in the house, shining on her face ……

“You ought to hate me! So you only scars carved in my face, do not forget the time, so again you just pierce their wounds, always remember it!”

“You do not want to forget my cheating on you, you do not want to forget that my sword it?” she laughed softly.

love how deep, how deep hate! The truth, she knows! So, she hated him, hated to, sword piercing his body at the time, have not the slightest hesitation.

But you know, I hate myself? I hate when you let go of hatred, revenge crazy, wanton killing, I hate myself can not stop you, you can not probation. It also hate myself, can not indifferent, can not turn a blind eye. Magnolia said with lips.

her struggle, her pain, who knows, who mercy.

even in Greentown, saw him, saw him passed her time. Manglietia think, is not still like him, and turned to leave, as nothing happened. But then, she can not do! Six months, has a backlog of stuff, and instantly broke out.

arms of the man, not the slightest reaction, but also learn is too light, she said, he did not hear, and the fact that she did not want him to hear.

————— ————— cats dividing line

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text of Volume III: Chapter XII

her contradictions, brought him back, then, the way of salvation, Gairuhezou?

hand gently stroking his hair, she sighed. (Blooming romance net Www.60215.Com welcome you!)

decisive day left in Lishan, there are too many factors that can not be explained. Bent to stop him, he is afraid of completely reduced step by step into the magic, insisted he pushed emerald, was not the only reason?

life and get lost in there too!

her to Zixuan, sword piercing cold of his body, and ultimately chose stealth here, but for the children, she completely off medication, to life and leave it in this world.

many times at night, she saw King standing in the shadows Shu, her laugh, is compassion, as well as gratitude.

However, Shu Jing seems to remind himself that he is ultimately dependent on her body wisp of soul, when edge to make, after all, want to leave.

not demanding what she would like to forget, but now, he even appeared!

hand slowly tightened, and she hugged him so easily, he did not resist, the body is still cold ……

not know when he will sleep, as if had a dream, like a drowned body illusion, breathing being stuck in the throat, knowing that was a nightmare, but wake up to, like a hand, pulled She, sinking!

“touch!” crushing sound from the ear piercing remembered, magnolia shoved open his eyes, hands to the side of consciousness touched, turned out to be empty. Lnww.m

leaning stomach to sit up, saw the red figure actually fell to the ground, magnolia not see, tables and chairs around the cup he crashed down on the ground, there was a muffled groan – chirping.

“Cardinal, how do you?” barefoot walk past,

his hair spread like weeds, like, lean forward, hair and clothes wrapped around his body, morning light, the dust in the jump, even his body trembling, like Kenshi withstand some pain.

Is it because there is no bliss Dan, he fall ill? !

“Cardinal ……” magnolia walked behind him, a hand on his shoulder, clinker, his body stiff, then fled like to stand up and walk away.

the same time, there is something falling from his hand, issued a crisp sound on the floor, looked down, debris cup, you can also see the faint traces of blood.

“days!” magnolia him a hand laid hold of him, and lived in his body, and was surprised to find, lifted his hand, only to find his hands full of blood, a blood-red scar across his wrist , blood flow over the ground, look at his face, pale lips, yet there are bloodshot.

he drank his own blood? He should fall ill, and drinking their blood. [East ^ square fiction \x26amp; Network Lnow.m]

“Yan Cardinal, you crazy?” magnolia silk Cheguo out of his wrist, putting his bandaged, but that he beat away.

“roll, do not touch me!” he trembling voice echoed in the room, like acupuncture as fall Manglietia heart.

“Yan Cardinal, you give me cool!” magnolia shouted loudly, at the foot of a mess tiles slag, and broken tables and chairs, opening up from the tragic extent of his destructive power ever.

heard the name, he did not have much reaction, but the body slightly startled for a moment, evoke a hint of sneer on callous expression, there is no entanglement and magnolia, but slowly barrier kicked ahead, step by step The walk toward the door.

see him so, magnolia again overwhelmed, just to catch up again, ah, guessed, the door suddenly opened and a familiar figure standing in the doorway, standing against the breeze.

“Zixuan?” magnolia blurted out, “how do you come back?”

but instantly regret it. In particular, she remembers, and he hated her for the call Yan Zaixuan Zixuan.

As Yan Zaixuan to come back, He will certainly receive a message it guards, unauthorized use of imperial guards ……

Yanzai Xuan did not come in, but at the front of the house and walked slowly, a man covered in blood, his face a little bit of a shock. After receiving IP Messenger when he had expected magnolia encountered this person, and now he is really in front of himself.

“Cardinal ……” Yan Zaixuan lip where dry spit out a call. Heart mixed feelings.

Yan Cardinal staggering pace because men do not have the slightest suddenly appeared in front of the residence, but also smile like some self-deprecating, hanging hair, covered his face, so 燕子轩 see some trance.

once proud man that world, now is not the elegance, messy hair, tattered clothes, and he buried cover

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INTRODUCTION face a condensate. Kyoho looked into the distance while.

a white rainbow are lasing from the inside. They fly straight to escape from here,cheap canada goose. After a moment. There are a group of red shiny things. Flash flying out from the hole. Bai hold hot pursuit.

did not even see the escape speed slow. And no less than an ordinary monk Yuan Ying early.

see this scene. Han looks next move.

sent this time thanks to the speed of the surname White Wolf puppet is a puppet beast. Otherwise it could be cited over. Really two things to say.

think here. He further urged the White Wolf puppet distracted. Let not afraid of damaging ultra normal full body puppet fly evasive. Then yourself a palm a flip. A mass of ice blue flame bark quietly surfaced in the palm of the hand.

South Long Hou duo. The same gloomy look ready for magic. On both sides of the array method quietly waited.

Kyoho and location of Han et al. Seems very far away. But Bai red light on, and that group Xia. Shortly have to fly to a nearby.

Han surface Lise flash. Hands-free sound of ice flame big three points.

that may fly in to the nearby Bai Kankan. To them headlong into a big fuss when a good layout. There are three or four feet behind the fire toad distance. Seem intolerant.

“quack” sound after the big bang. A group of crimson fireball ejected from the mouth of the beast.

fireball just exports but the size of the skull. But after lasing out a few Zhang Yuan. “Puchi”. Actually the moment of order Shuzhang behemoth size. Caught up in the big fuss about the edge of the White Wolf puppet. Wave height of about flames hurricane Shiyu Zhang. The puppet animals drowned in the one moment.

followed by a dull sound burst from the flames keep coming. Then the silent. Han face slightly changed!

flames quickly receded. Original animal puppets at. In this disappeared without actually exist. None left drip marks.

Seeing Han. Mind naturally surprised.

toad body of the fire demon fire. It really is not an ordinary flame. At least better than the monk Yuan Ying infants fire edge. I do not know whether their ice flame restrained. However. Actually, I’m too worried about him. After all, this beast can kill means. He can not this two kinds of it.

either violet or large Geng Jian Zhen Skyfire. Are more powerful killer.
. Release all that breath Dan grade puppet out. Heap can kill this beast alive,canada goose outlet. Han is just naturally not such a big loss Bale homes.

puppet animals under certain circumstances. But much useless.

first time to see the fire toad temerity to break off its nest enemies. Extremely satisfied with the long beep. Hongxia flashing actually going to turn around and fly back to escape.

this look. Three of them looked at each other and some Han. Them. Han hearts an especially tight.

Palace wan off the fire toad’s life and death. Han How can it be easily leave. After frowned. He suddenly physique of a move. Into a Qinghong flying out.

the other side of the circle. Circle emerged across the Han Ligu December figure.

South Long Hou and Lu Weiying first hesitated. Han then come to understand the intention.

Han move. Got his wish will be half of the body that had turned the fire toad alarmed. It’s a quick turn around. Gazed at the enemy not far from new. Motionless. Monocular seems suspect flashed color.

Han does not answer. Satisfy provoke a small group of wolves ice flame. Another hand to his waist a beat. Emitted from the storage bag fly blue six groups. Have to fall behind. After the brilliance of a convergence. Six thirty feet tall. Shiny blue turtle tremendous spirit in the Han behind. It Han Lixin refining animal puppets out of the giant tortoises.

Han soul in the order.

six giant turtle shells. Ray Jishan. Suddenly condense the size of the same Chixu high picks out. A root sparkling straight oblique. Exudes a hint of chill.

suddenly had seemed no danger of giant tortoises. What becomes hideous evil. Amazing momentum up.

toad across the fire seemed to sense the Han hostility. Green heads flashed fiercely. A breath between. A fireball emitted from the mouth.

seeing that huge fireball of the same. Menacing shot to to yourself.

Han nor words. Try to keep in mind the power of fire, the fire demon beast toad idea. Immediately hand holding an ice flame Yang.

hands of that group of blue ice flame. Changeling immediately condensed into a blue ice flower. Floating and flew to the opposite. Just went up to the opposite side of the giant fireball,canada goose jackets.

fire toad beast fireball. There are five feet in diameter Liuzhang huge. And tis dry ice blue ice flame cohesion. Only a few inches in size. To shape perspective. There is no comparable place. But a contact in the air, but both parties. Amazing scene emerged.

saw “Have it” soon. Flashing blue fireball. A thick layer of blue ice surface in the fireball surface. Great hockey appeared in the air. The hockey center there are still crimson flames danced.

this scene. Han also met with slightly hesitated.

but across the fire toad beast. A fireball was being detained to see their living. But furious anger up.

a mouth. Hundreds of pieces fist big fireball. Kuangyong out from the mouth. Lasing.

Han her lips. Single waved his hand.

already ready to go back six giant turtle puppet. While the back shell a shake. Then countless picks from the root shell piercing shot. Looking a crowded congregation fireball.

“rumbling” sound burst after burst. Fire picks rupture of the cold and white fireball burst the large waves of fire. In midair interwoven together.

billowing white gas suddenly filled the whole sky.

Han stared straight ahead. Eyes slightly narrowed.

obviously very powerful fireball other than these giant tortoises picks and more. A moment. The cold wave fire forced the congregation recoiled.

Seeing Han. Mouth muttered something about. Suddenly stature backwards shot away.

six giant turtle puppet. Also immediately trailing back.

time. Flames completely overwhelmed by the batch of picks chill. Unceremoniously trailing chase.

but once again a large number of giant tortoises six picks after the ejection. The fire of the cold wave will be blocked again. The Han and a few giant tortoises stature. Shiyu Zhang has been flying out of the two went outside.

Han stared at the still motionless original fire toad beast. Lips tightly closed.

According to his fall in the Magic Valley to check the information before. In addition to the fire toad beast with the power of the lava. Let yourself recover injured outside. Also proficient in the art of fire escape. Can make use of the power of the flame. Twinkling little knowledge.

The mountains here below. Everywhere across the lava flames. If let this beast sneaked into the next. Can easily escape. This. Maybe two South Long Hou does not care. After all, they are the remains of the treasure to come. Just can not kill this beast. As long as it can catch away. Also indifferent thing.

but he may be different. He this beast is imperative demon Dan’s.

therefore we must introduce the circle of this beast. Their escape route blocked. He will be assured of shot against this beast. Therefore at this time whether the fire toad beast chase. Naturally became the key thing.

fire toad beast see Han has only fight it. Soon receded. Can not help but stunned surprised a moment. But this beast does not seem tall Euro RSCG. Xiangyebuxiang who actually live Xia flashing. Into a mass of red. Rise to catch up over. Seeing Han. Joyful hearts.

just chase out a little distance. Light blue toad fly around the fire escape suddenly emerge. A layer of pale blue water curtain surfaced in its surroundings.

then water curtain on the number of white light flashed. Several white water dragon looming. Prancing out together. The whole becomes damp curtain up.

fire toad beast surprised. Unknowingly stopped the escape of light. Binocular burst of milling. The mouth is more like a growl threaten them.

meantime. The left and right sides of a flash light curtain. South Long Hou and while the old man surnamed Lu emerged out of the physique.

see that they have a fire toad beast trapped circle. Immediately blunt while dishing out their treasure.

South Long Hou thrown the egg is still in the hands of jasper ring. The old man did not use the original method flag treasures. Instead of a Young hands. Two blue fly Ge mutually entangled flying out.

circle of light curtains. Nature does not have any impact on his two treasures. Fleeting immediately penetrate water curtain which headed towards the fire toad.

and that few white curtains on the Water Dragon. Also right from the water curtain about flying. Claws to attack. This is far from Han. Homeopathic pushed the front side of the hands of the flag. Launched a circle with two of the prohibition to attack.

fire toad saw this scene. While Euro RSCG is not high, but rather also have bad feeling.

it immediately cry shaking moving giant Ming. Then the body of a shrink. Then suddenly a rose. Cast out of their life insurance supernatural powers. I saw this beast roared back. Who immediately come out of the side surface of the same size as the crimson light shield.

these small dense shield. Group received a batch of toad who swarmed out of the fire. Then fused together. Suddenly formed a three-airtight red mask.

at this time. Jasper ring. Water dragon and two blue Ge. Almost simultaneously blow to the top of the mask.

suddenly roar constantly in the water curtain. Chiyan colored light water and gas interweave together. For a time glaring bright. People can not look directly at them.
but soon after the fire toad
howling beast. If a tank of crude crimson light beam. Jet out from the light. About to hit the water on one side of the curtain.

result of water curtain “pop” sound. Only hindered the moment. It was easily ripped out of a huge hole.

eight hundred and seventeenth chapter chopped beast

red curtain suddenly at the center of a large water discharge. Then a flame pillars around the fire toad beast rolled out of thin air.

moment. Whether the water dragon, ring or two blue long dagger. Have been forced out of the outside of the pillar of fire. In the center pillar of fire. Faint shout of fire toad ancient beast bird is vague figure.

pillar of fire in all attacks bounce off simultaneously. Knowing ambush took the opportunity to fire back toad beast Yi Deng. To a group of flames lasing. That goal is being gradually bridge the holes.

South Long Seeing the old man surnamed Hou and Lu. Looking surprised. Hurried command yourself treasures. Want to catch up to stop this beast escape the ban.

but it seems a bit late.

seeing flames that group approached the water curtain. Blink of an eye would flash out. Time. Suddenly the distant whistling sounded. That party will be a fire toad beast poked holes in the forelimbs. Black Mountain on sleep eyes flashed. What a wipe it off. At the same time a bird forelimb cool a hot room. Suddenly less to a big slice.

burst of fire toad body cramps. An unbearable pain came from broken limbs place.

this supernatural beast even though not small. But can not Zijin’s scream. In this drop down from the sky.

outside South Long Hou duo Seeing overjoyed. Command can not stand up immediately treasures around the fire toad beast. Vocal burst Swipes.

them unreal turquoise ring after a while. Phantom turned out hundreds. Toad kept rolling up and down around the fire. Want to live close imprison this beast. The two blue long dagger. It is also suddenly flashed. Into two five six feet long python blue ice. Flying directly pounced.

but this beast is worthy of that year Master Chong Kun also fear a bit odd ancient beast. Although we are off to a limb. But did not affect the repair of supernatural powers. Almost an idea. Dense surfaced again in front of the light shield. These offensive to actually pick up on the whole.

those green ring shadow. Impossible to near its front nothing. Natural light is not on what is detained. Vaillant kept only by virtue of the general impact of those light shield. The effect is minimal.

and two pythons in the properties of ice just fire properties of these light shield restraint. Each sprang. Certainly shattered side shield. But these poor shields almost endless. The same little effect.

but after a moment. Six blue light beam from outer lasing. Joined the attack. Each flashed. It must have side light shield break.
Suddenly the sound of rumbling
big play. Fire toad beast was about to stand up for herself. A time to be overwhelmed on the ground again.

South Long Hou Yi Zheng. Slight glance.

saw Han know He Shifei to the not far away. Being waved. The black one arm on the air to disperse. And in its wake. Six blue giant turtle puppet mouth emitting a genuine sized thick beam. Attack the fire with water curtain toad in ancient beast.

Han eyes a turn. Looked at. Water curtain falling outside the fire toad animal mutilation.

this stuff though from the original owner’s body. But still the slightest ground red glow. Floating in the water near the curtain. If also a spiritual general.

Han Seeing the situation. Heads flashed surprised colors.

far he has just seen the situation critical. Fire should escape the prohibition toad. So he. A female devil cut release. This cut off this beast forelimbs.

I did not expect. Fire toad beast after falling limbs still so aggressive. Although the monk Yuan Ying is two home six giant turtle puppet attacks. Also able to support not fall. No wonder the year at Master Chong Kun decimated under. Knowing defeat to take the initiative to recede.

“Han Tao. toad who only fire fire properties Linden. immortal endlessly endless. probably also need the kind of cold you attribute supernatural powers to restrain it. Otherwise This war still do not know when you want to consume.” Lu surname The old man saw the fire toad beast who was later broken up a small shield. BLAZING immediately sucked into a faint fire toad animal body. Pipi then another light shield gush. Some anxiety suddenly shouted.

old man says without remark. Han also saw this situation.

what he has no speech. Big sleeves toss. Feijian ten golden mouth flying out from the sleeve. A reminder of a decision after hovering in Korea under the legislation. Zhang Xu condensed into a long sword.

Guangcan gold sword. Chilly.

move. Let Lu Weiying South Long Hou help but stay.

they want to display the kind of Han horribly cold blue flame against fire toad. Can actually put Han outstanding feijian. They naturally understand it.

Seeing Sword shape. Han deadpan punch one hand trick.

shimmering golden light. Sword fall down. Stay in the former Han conduct.

Han a mouth. A thin blue flame blurted out. Just hit the top of the Sword.

Revenge slightly shocked. Along with this sword wrapped in a layer of blue flame therein. Burning up.

Han hesitated. Hands a rub. And a method never played in the past. Inspired sword to ward off evil God of Thunder.

suddenly muffled thunder rang. Sword in the blue flame. More numerous slender golden arc. Flashing incessantly.

Seeing Han. Coldness flash heads. Flush screen with one hand in the fire a little toad beast means. Vomit a “go” word.

the hum of. Sword into a Jinhong lasing away. Chopping off the fire toad straight beast.

And now after two South Long Hou and 鲁卫英 while Kuanggong invalid. It is one of the slow offensive. Fire toad take this opportunity to finally caught her breath.

its body red aura. Between a dark one out. Abdomen suddenly swelled dramatically. It seems that what is going to throw them back supernatural powers.

at this time. Golden Sword fly instantly to fire toad beast’s head. With momentum amazing sound of thunder down a vicious chop.

fire toad beast staring over the Revenge. Green eyes blinked a few times a few. Seems to have sensed a huge threat. Only the expansion of the times promised in the stomach. Gave in to continue. I heard a strange sound. Spray a glistening crimson flare out. Revenge welcome falling straight to the head.

this flare is only the size of a fist. But the surface is smooth. Its red light flashing inside. Like a huge fire beads. After an exit. Entire water curtain air. Both look hot together.

“demon Dan? wrong! not an entity. instead of.” Seeing Han flare ejected. First shocked. But then discovered that this is not the real thing. This assured down. After all, if the fire really toad demon Dan. He had better legislator.


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After a moment, his face solemn finally made a promise to her – I promise you! Later I will protect their hair, even if it is one, will never let you down!

“! death marks, I love you” in the water finally got commitments from death marks a time of their own difficult situation Yun Luo Ning, could not help but let out to say the three words – I love you! Tragic love you! Death marks, never, never leave me! Do not leave me! ……

“Idiot!” heard,cheap canada goose, felt quite embarrassed by a young master, immediately back too unpleasant Luo Ning Yun a ‘idiot’ – idiot! In broad daylight, saying that sentence why? !

“saying you can not change it?” The next moment, can not help but angry the Luo Ning Yun, immediately forget the various fan before – love and moving pictures,canada goose outlet, very unhappy death marks a strong protest to the water up – hateful ! TMD your kid will not respond to his aging mother again? ! Like this every time! Even shy, that no one else here again, what are you afraid ah? ! And the night pestering the lady ‘roll – bed – Single’ time, how will not see your shy young master has had a back ah? ! …… ⊙? ⊙ b Khan

“! Well, I for one: big idiot” when he heard the water immediately death marks a very ‘open-minded’ to accept the Luo Ning Yun protest – sowed his young master goes haughty arrogance but filled Qianbian handsome face, extremely reckless provocation up: for an ‘idiot’ to you, to see how I listen to you ah! (Ning Yun: ooo, ooo …… Glass: ……)

“……” words! Really is three words! Water death marks! You are cruel! …… Forget! Not with your kid this rogue general knowledge! Humph! -? Already ‘desperate’ a Luo Ning Yun, the child finally only then gas should sink to  crisp, direct gorgeous dripping on the side of ‘anguish’ to go. T? T

“the many, I love you.” Luo Ning Yun in the back of the head throwing water marks almost instant death, a small almost inaudible voice, suddenly without warning pass into her ears – waiting for her big Miss ‘head neck busy chaos’ the head back when a young master who sound has continued to look dull without waves ‘see’ the sunset in a …… T? T
“ah?” instinctively uttered a doubt, came suddenly dawned Yun Luo Ning, immediately face death marks an incredible look to the water, extremely excited screamed up, “you say that again! Hurry Again! …… I heard right? gosh! You really told me that sentence ah! …… good marks marks, a good husband, I beg you, you say that again! beg you! I Just do not focus all attention is good! …… you say that again! then again, it really okay? “

“Again?” seeing water marks death immediately raised an eyebrow look noncommittal, quite unemotional glanced Luo Ning Yun – say that again? ! What …… Again? Again ‘idiot’ it? …… Idiot! ?

“For ah! right ah! …… come, again! I’m listening!” Heard deeply ‘door child’ Yun Luo Ning, immediately excited unusual death marks the arm pulling the water, with their one big face facing the latter’s line of sight, two braved the naked, full of expectation request up – say that again! Scar marks! Beg you! …… If I am not mistaken, the first time you just say those three words to me! The first ah ……! ! You can not, such as how I’m ready to say it? ! ……

“Hugh, think! hum!” next moment, facing the Luo Ning Yun goes face filled with expectations but excited, water marks sudden death smiled gently, very clear, stressing each syllable of the word spit, shattered All hope of the former – after moving in front of ‘plaster pigs’ snorts, they will not unhurried hand broke away ‘plaster pigs’ of ‘Izume’ and then blatantly jumped down from the rock, Then without looking ‘Semitic’ the (condensate Yun:! scar marks, not walked were not so duality ah Glass:!!!! ha ha ha condensate Yun: ……)? …… T T

body of four hundred and twenty fifth chapter two of the world: unplanned ‘uninvited guests’! (1)

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Time flies, instant, from ‘Black King’ is dead becomes PIA purported to feed their families with food, has passed nearly half the time.
It is now in the valley fog
give all dispersed, Spring has the appearance of a vitality – looking up from the Luo Yun condensate and water marks death of these two ‘extraterrestrial’ broke this piece of secluded valley , also have passed nearly two months time.

Teng every day in addition to eating and sleeping outside, the end is nothing too Yun Luo condensate and water death marks the largest thing to do every day, that is, holding hands, walking in a small stream, on the grass, look at flowers, look at the water, look at the scenery and, of course is the daily evening, snuggling together watching the sunset – those mundane aside before and after temporary if not ignored, then the idea is a pair of children Zhensi Hermitage has been sealed sword, just greet the rising sun a day, sending the sunset ‘immortal Crazy’ was. (Ning Yun: Even thought were plain to say ‘roll sheets’ which glass:! Come see how young women ah silver finishes condensate Yun:!! ……)

Thus, faith ‘snatch half a day’ is perfunctory ‘Roche logic’ Yun Luo Ning, knowing that such and such ‘good life’, has no longer last long, but still quite enjoy did not mind forward to this ‘The Last Supper’ – Did someone touches young master, he did not go very considerate point out, so to maintain a pleasant time in front of this short-lived: overlooking the hills, mountains such as ink; close look at the tree dressing, light blurred; look towards late evening watching the sun, fallen flowers ……

finally, is a look toward the rising sun in the morning, when Luo Yun condensate and water marks passed away holding hands, walk together back from the morning mist filled the mountain forest, when a ‘uninvited guests’ appeared without warning in front of them – - originally being prepared breakfast and Jinxiao Ru Jin Zhao mother and daughter, that name is already being ‘uninvited guests’ arrived distracting to those three thatched roof above: surface, such as white, shaking like this mother and two Shaikang months, they then watched ‘uninvited guests’ big scourge everything home ……

“bear??!! …… big one ah!! ……” So, just go to the nearest tree from beneath thatched house that Luo Ning Yun, she immediately let that returning to the ‘Invincible Hedong lioness Roar ‘instantly rang the earth – really can not blame her life Hande like two idiots like never seen a bear, but because the other end of the bear itself, it is enough to’ very powerful ‘: this man children must have at least a half-ton Yeah! TMD is worth almost three days – the sumo tied together, ah! TNND …… really shocked it! ⊙? ⊙ b Khan

“Yun sister?! You Run!! ……” Just Yun Luo Ning that ‘Kato mother Roar’ sound, just a fall, when it is full of fear Jinxiao Ru hysterical cry, followed would have no warning rang – Jinxiao Ru mother and daughter will be so scared, actually makes sense: after all, is only just waking hibernation ‘Bear blind’ ah! Who can say can be afraid of? ! T? T

“Do not run faster on a tree a tree faster you go …… ……!!!!!” Yet, after all, ginger or the old lady, 金小茹 proposal immediately met with her aging mother Zhao Jin total negation – the force of outside waving gold Zhao only longed to fly past the ‘act recklessly’ Yun Luo condensate and water marks to kick the tree to die: where people could run faster than the ‘bear blind’ ah? ! Tree faster …… ah! Maybe silly boy! Fast tree ah! ! ……

“I died!” Heard in gold and Jinxiao Ru Zhao mother and daughter’s screams, came suddenly dawned Yun Luo Ning, and immediately screamed, then Touyi Wai, straight lying on the ground – suddenly thought of the last generation in elementary school science class, learned that the end of his life did not used the opportunity to ‘basic knowledge’, she immediately made a very good student like a conditioned reflex instinct: install Dead! ?

“……” just pathetic side that is still before a second water holding hands with her death marks shoes, it then being thrown in there alone went ‘anguish went’ up …… T? T

“scar marks! quick lie down and play dead ah! …… eat the bear is dead!” seeing, just been busy playing dead, and that has always been a second life as the handsome Yun Luo Ning, finally remembered timely water to mark the presence of death – just to see her eldest, while lying on the ground continue to play dead, the side went towards someone being ‘anguish’ of the young master, wink up reminder: quick lie down and play dead ah ! You are a fool not always quick reaction came it? ! How even become so dull moment, ah? ! T? T

“on! right! played dead line! played dead also line! ……” Almost at the same time, Jin Zhao also enlightened on the opposite roof-like, toward the water still in place Dai Li shouted death marks up – how to play dead to forget it? ! Really anxious to once confused! (Condensate Yun: said to be ‘horrified’ some of it would be more appropriate glass:? Others did not provoke Kim Chiu Yun Ning had been right:? …………) ……

“Water brother, you pretended to be dead soon ah! …… Quick! quick ah! ……” The next moment, there is no voice, such as falling gold Zhao, Jinxiao Ru cry it ‘incited’ the follow rang – it just finished hibernating ‘Bear blind’ not ‘black king’ ah! Water still thinking about my brother would not like to be like last time, a slap in the face to shoot dead ‘Bear blind’, right? ! ⊙? ⊙ b Khan

in Luo Ning Yun, Jin Zhao and Jinxiao Ru three voices come and go, with continuous time, who has put three thatched houses almost to the scourge, and extremely arrogant, extremely furious ‘uninvited guests’, which is great Mr. Brown Bear, has refused to accept seven or eight grievances toward dare saying ‘than arrogant’ death marks water shoes, strode Ben passed ……

So, the next moment, in a very uncomfortable turn white Luo Ning Yun, Jin Zhao and 金小茹 three of them one after one, the angry greet that act recklessly ran with him ‘than arrogance’ of water in a large brown bear death marks, thin lips a slight movement, out of the very contemptuous words to: “Three idiot!”

body of four hundred and twentieth chapters two of the world: unplanned ‘uninvited guests’! (2)

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a man, a bear, match-ups – this is the debate about ‘who is more rampant, who is more arrogant’ ultimate showdown! Against the sides are ‘has been very strong, has never been beyond the’ heavyweight! So, whether the winner? Really gray often said to look forward to.

finally, came after less than five steps from the water disappearing marks distances hindsight realized opponents ‘very powerful’ Mr. big brown bear, abruptly put their ‘paws’ to stop in the place – lying on the ground pretending to be dead in the side of the Luo Ning Yun, then I could not resist the curiosity opened his eyes peek at the half: really gray often strange scene ah! Water marks this kid that does not die with this big brown bear head is ‘old knowledge’, right? ! ⊙? ⊙ b Khan

Teng – Boy! Here I site!

- braised bear paw!

- boy! You were so rampant it!

- bubble bear bile wine!

- boy! I am very angry!

- whole, bear, feast!

- …… kid! Count you vicious! I …… flash!


finally, at the time still nearly half a century after so long, Luo Ning Yun presented in front of this captivating, but also strange anomaly ‘match-ups’, finally is’ good marks strong marks’ of’ water is more rampant, water is more arrogant ‘final outcome, satisfactory came to a close …… ⊙? ⊙ b Khan

However, on the floor and thatched roof houses, and thus also more three bottles of ‘plaster’ to – even as water shoes Today marks the death pillow Yun Luo Ning, also it is difficult to accept that she had just see that strange scene, let alone lived in the deep forests is not seen nothing ‘world’ of gold and Jinxiao Ru Zhao a mother and daughter! That must have been the water marks to death as a monster it! ?

“Look I do? still waiting for me to pull you up? Or you this ‘idiot’ intention here has been installed to date really dead?” Seeing ‘plaster pigs’ goes like Yun Luo Ning and filled with question marks and ignorant face, almost angry to death evanescent water marks, and finally intolerable ‘outbreak’ – and play dead? ! Play dead …… ah! You this ‘idiot’ is actually capable of such a shameful thing to play dead? ! …… It is just a bear! Just a bear ah! …… Idiot! It is too idiot! Idiot dead! ……

“! Oh,” death by water marks such a Tonglian with sarcastic irony, had also ‘shock’ in Luo Ning Yun, immediately subconsciously nod, rush from the ground up – Hell disappearing water marks this Put that kid actually worth three days – the big brown bear sumo to ‘stare’ run it? ! How is this possible? ! Ah …… this kid that would not really be a monster, right? ! ⊙? ⊙ b Khan

“Idiot!” Upon seeing the whole face is filled with unhappy death marks the water, immediately very contemptuous white Luo Ning Yun one – the one with the nose Lengheng ‘idiot’ after they went straight toward direction of thatched houses went.

“! scar marks, so I ah so I ……” 0.1 three seconds later, Luo Ning Yun finally belatedly come back after a Huner – while frantically shouting, while hastily The catch up:? MS seems to be another young master despised by water …… T T

“roof above the scenery, you do not go to accompany them?” in Luo Yun will soon catch up with the water condensate death marks when the latter suddenly stood still at the bottom of the thatched house, with his eyes motioned her to go to the roof direction – very tall with an arrogant eyebrow, cynical scoff road.

“…… that, that I …… scar marks, I know I am ashamed it! But, but I really do not you so much ah! …… do not know in the end is how you do ……” heard, After nearly crashed into the back of the water disappearing marks Yun Luo Ning, quickly come to a screeching halt in place, neatly stood in the place – quite embarrassing, but also some bitter grievances with a face forward by explained before starting his own shameful behavior that ’causes’ to: Hell really is a disgrace lost big ah! Just really should dodge flash people, or simply a tree is good too! ?

“you idiot! They both bear to catch the roof can also be understood! but you did lie to go play dead?! still like an idiot now actually came to ask me how to scare the bird bear?! “Unexpectedly, do not explain Fortunately, this interpretation, immediately put someone young master’s anger all to ‘explain’ up – despite his young master has to adapt to some of the less idiotic ‘night pro’ the , but the thought of those almost imminent

canada goose jackets

Moments transferred to the state governor, decree about, Manchao outcry, but readily accept fees Wenzhong, told his wife to prepare luggage instantly to his new post.
This time, the only couple to go with any of the others remained in Beijing to.
emperor seems to have forgotten the existence of fee the East River, he has been staying at home, put a fake college, fees Tokai also stay at home, three siblings together every day, playing the whole day.
fees waited secretly nod, the emperor has begun the layout of those sites transferred to the Minister, by his new post, just to Beijing surrounded the potential for the formation of encirclement looked on the map, can not help but laugh.
everyone but had thought, Qin Ji is urgent, because the palace news came less than three months Haizhao meter palace was pregnant, morning sickness badly.
Haizhao instrument, when the emperor or prince, surrounded by the most pampered female officer Highland child’s sister, seventeen year old, born too Juesu elegant, beautiful scene, and, soft temper, never fight with people, the emperor no call, no meeting before the flatterer.
Haizhao instrument pregnancy thing, like a rock cast in the pond, splash, enough to let people enjoy the beautiful scenery pond wet skirt.
Prince indulge in wine and women, deal with national policy, and more families rely Qin, who was the Prince passed, things are Qin phase processing, it is very clear that once the prince to the throne, this country would maybe change of surname.
now Haizhao things one meter, so that some people fear that some people think it is to see hope.
this time, Qin Ji how can we not make moves.
emperor never very seriously his advice, ask whenever Qin phase, few refused, and now, the DPRK also feel insecure.
Wong standings posted five days, no one Jiebang, physician who scared every day, wake up, it will subconsciously feel the neck, the head is still there to see.
the past seven days, the Queen Goddess seen waking day just to force feed some liquid food, just eat more, vomited too much.
Many people think that this is not quite the Queen Goddess passed.
happens this time, some people came out to expose the imperial standings.
Jie Huang list of people, is an old woman, about seventy years old, shiny silver, his face wrinkled won just about what carved with a knife out.
emperor bow looking old woman kneeling on the ground,canada goose jackets, Chen Sheng said: “? You know the consequences of exposing the Emperor standings.”
“Qibing emperor, China women if not sure, definitely not arbitrarily to expose Wong list.”
emperor nodded, she went along with the Queen’s benevolence Ming Temple.
because the old woman, there will be no taboo, after some diagnose the troubles, the old woman said: “Queen Goddess mind long thing, so it leads to coma and want a complete cure is impossible, but …”
“But what?” The emperor looked anxiously questioning.
“the Queen Goddess wake up,cheap canada goose, I am afraid that is less than three years old urchin intelligence, and not subject to any stimulus.”
emperor like in meditation, eunuch side whispered:. “emperor, Qin or please discuss with the palace as well.”
emperor nodded and ordered phase Qin Chuan rushed palace.
phase Qin palace.
finished listening to the emperor,canada goose outlet, Qin with his face suddenly changed, I do not know the mind turn a few hundred rpm.
physician, numerous doctors are sure of one thing, the Queen was not poisoned.
Although she tell the Queen unconscious reasons, Qin or ask a relative, “You sure are a long thing, not poisoned?”
old woman looked calm, calmly said:. “the old woman never bear false witness, is is not is not” deep eyes, no fear, like a faint black black iron, because the accumulation of years, reflecting the strange glory.
Qin old woman with carefully observed, do not blink moment, lest they miss something.
long silence, Qin phase and asked: “? Where are you from.”
“Gwangju, Huaihe side, double willow blade mad.”
just ten words, enough to make Qin phase shocked to speak.
“mad blade, has passed away is not it?”
mad blade, lakes hermit, said to have been involved in the political arena three decades longer.
if it is her, then at least have one hundred people in front forties.
mad blade saw his eyes suspiciously, his eyes flashed slightly resentful of color, pick them off the silk flower worn on the head.
silk flower, the yellow rose is a delicate flower, workmanship is very good, nice like just picked from the flowers to the general, dense glowing aqua.
arm Qing Yang, silk flower fly out.
everyone was shocked, and looked toward the direction of flying silk flower, flower, lightweight embedded in the pillars on red.
Qin phase deep bending, line gift, his look, very respectful.
so mad to live in the Queen’s Blade Ren Ming Temple.
eviction, his face almost smiling bloom phase Qin, everyone thought, exposing imperial standings woman, is there to grasp 99%, so just let Qin phase so happy, as to the real reason , no one knows.

segment of the great masters come to Beijing.
three siblings went to the grandmother’s Meet the elders.
that matter, they have already been discussed, charges the East River, seems to have its own discretion, just say seen uncle and grandfather say.
that day, a large section of the East River headed and fees talk one afternoon, both grandparents and grandchildren out of time, are lively smile.
following morning, Princess House, your visit fee.
fees brother was not at home the East River, I heard that before dawn to go out, where to go, no one to know.
Yan Changqing not in, he did not come back last night, this time, he fell in love with the girl Miki Yee Hong floor, and almost with a three-phase son Qin Qin Liang Chi fight, the city is the uproar.
Princess indifferent, Qin also silent with respect to the right, these two people completely ignored. Among
marketplace, and even set up a gamble, gambling Miki end up with whom.
fees waited happy ease, never mind him, nuomin two night visit, have been injured snow goose hidden weapon, this time, Princess House honestly stay sidelined.
fees waited a sip of water, quietly waiting for Crown Princess upstairs.
public Suncheng Tian mind to think of the scene last night.
she just lay down, the windows were opened, and the curtains of a dynamic, public Suncheng Tian hopped.
a lighted candle in her room, so can sit on the come, with impunity, only one person, so the curtains are not in the eyes blink.
aside the curtain, public Suncheng Tian on the bed with air conditioning, incidentally, took off his shoes, pulled at her quilt over his own feet.
icy atmosphere pervades the accounts yard, fees waited scowled, glared at him and whispered:. “you go.”
“fat women, have pity on me, I froze to death, the capital also has cold when it? thought we Qi is the coldest.”
Then, a pair of cold thugs covered her cheeks, like two ice suppress the face, make a shiver fee waited, anxious himself into an ax, put crushed ice chisel.
“fat girl, the guy that did not mind, really like America (chicken) Ji is it?”
public Suncheng Tian will go over the chicken, and in his opinion, the chicken, pheasant not as good-looking mountains.
my heart was not happy, anxious Miki fascinated Yan Changqing, then, never waited and his fee dispute, since to understand his own mind, he finds that the fee is waited on him.
“said finish quickly go!”
“cruel woman!” public Suncheng Tian look of grievances, eyes are crooked smile as peach deep water.
“That monkey woman will come tomorrow morning, which is a list of all the spies Fuchu you, and remember to burn quickly, I go.”
public Suncheng Tian reluctantly have squeezed her cheeks, put boots out of bed, did not dare head back and ran.
if fees have waited attention, you will find public 孙成田 face, still red clouds over the horizon.
there is a more.
thirty-fourth choice back
Crown Princess on the floor, fees waited Pingtui around.
“fee waited, I heard you went to the willow house yesterday?”
“Well, when I could see a large section headed it?”
“Tomorrow.” fee waited answer was altogether happy, half of the layout, and so is this day.
agreed a specific time and place, Crown Princess contented gone, leaving, reward the fee waited a sandalwood carved wooden box.
fees waited Pie Zhaozui let Papilio open, are some of the popular jewelry.
If today the answer is NO, this box will not reward it.
this woman really is not an ordinary stingy.
drank two cups of tea, nothing else, looked for a moment in the upstairs courtyard martial arts are two children, or that they have become accustomed to adapt to the cold hatred goes Tu face, cold voice, cold attitude.
“sister ……” a voice from far away, is a long brocade, behind him, is 燕长卿, too far away, can not see his face, but he seems to feel very good mood today.
Sinokor panting on the floor, between him and fees waited, never think twice, just call changed it, in his heart, was willing to call her sister.
fees waited ordered to give him water, scrubbed clean, handed him a cup of white water.
since been run, although washed her face, long brocade little face still flushed, Han Xing general shiny eye, filled with joy.
he would have wanted, the Princess had been stopping, one is afraid Sinokor too busy to charge home trouble, then there are afraid of his illness has not completely keep well.
since Queen Goddess out of trouble, Wang physician has been living in the palace did not come out, even the arrival of mad blade, Qin phase also hold his eviction.
“sister, I started, you can live with you today, you happy?”
“a man leave your mother at home, is not right.”
“Mother palace, she went to live with the empress accompanied Zhao Yi, so I can since the.” Long Zhao Yi Jin is the Goddess of care, as long as the sister who lives, do not care what someone else pregnant belly bulge .
Sinokor grabbed a snack, eat narrowed his eyes, or his wife home delicious dessert. This time
fees waited to see Yan Changqing, Yan Changqing sitting on her left-hand side, his face clearly Fingers.
see fees waited to see him, Leng Heng, looked away.
fees waited pretended not to see, his eyes smile but can not completely cover up.
Yan Changqing took a snack, some long-Jin looked annoyed dessert plate of two, and glanced at his brother, put dishes away.
do not know is hungry, or really delicious dessert, eat this piece, Yan Changqing hand Youshen over, naturally touched an empty.
moment, Yan Jin long time has come fees waited bedroom door, his hand holding a plate placed behind the subconscious.
“Long Jin, give me one.”
fees waited not help but laugh: “Long Jin, there are many.”
Sinokor heard openly came back to the plate and gave Yan Changqing.
Yan Changqing suddenly felt that this picture is so warm, as if, at this moment, is permanent.
fee ranging waited commanded, Fung Kai has a cup dessert market.
“butterfly, you go to a bowl of cheese over Erye end.”
charge a few domesticated goats, fees waited every morning, every bowl of goat’s milk, and the rest, they do cheese.
Sinokor do eat cheese fees waited, I heard that there are cheese eating, immediately put down the snacks.
Yan Changqing dissatisfied, why only the end of the bowl, and when he does not exist? above
cheese, put a colorful dried fruit, coupled with crystal goat, saw it, he coveted it.
Yan Changqing first time I saw this thing, the heart that he stayed many days, how to see her take this thing to give yourself to eat?
I kept thinking, my heart to sour up, Baba looked long brocade, like a greedy child.
butterfly, snow geese have seen his awkward expression, Papilio own, come downstairs Duanliao Yi bowl of cheese.
cheese in front of Yan Changqing, Papilio but shudder, because the princes of the eyes, like the cold blade sweep, butterfly self-assertion of some regret.
Sinokor eyes aim at the bowl of cheese has been, if big brother eat, bowl of cheese is his.
“Brother, you is not that there is smell, when I first ate, but also feel the smell, if you do not like it, let me eat well.” Then, the hand has been stretched in the past.
Yan Changqing quickly end up digging a spoonful, tender feeling, suddenly from the throat comfortable run to the body, he only stood up, snatch away Yan Jin Long, walking, eating, prompting maidservants who hush low laugh.
two children ran upstairs, practicing most of the day, they would be tired.
swallowtail, who hastened to prepare them in hot water, to help them take a bath.
wash clean, clean clothes for a one, Fung Kai long side on the dessert, fruit, cheese.
after the martial arts, they will have a meal snacks a day.
Yan Changqing discovered that her two children were very well looked after, regular daily martial arts literate, regular meals, clothing, clean, cheerful demeanor becomes a lot.
he looked fees waited grateful, really feel not mistaken, she is indeed a can work through life’s companion.
“Missy, two young gentleman.” downstairs maid came up to report it.
fees waited downstairs, saw fees Tokai standing downstairs.
he knew Yan Changqing also do not want to see him, so rather waiting downstairs.
“East, how do you?”
fee Tokai some white face, to see that something happened.
fees waited there two or three steps to walk to the ground, stepped forward to hold her Tokai fee, so he went to the ground, it said:. “Sister, I went there to say.”
fees waited know, things are certainly very important, Tokai few such expressions appear.
Yangyang Shou, motioning the others do not have to follow, two siblings walked toward the East China Sea in a small hospital fees.
into the yard, the yard fee Tokai told a few people waited fee totter into the study.
shut the door, paused at the door fee Tokai children, this took out a letter from his arms, and gave charge waited.
fees waited to open the letters, but only a couple of lines, his face suddenly changed.
look down, look more and more nervous, staggering watched and asked: “? East, who sent it.”
“I do not know, just to study to find books and found this letter on the table, and asked all over the yard all people, no one saw a stranger into the hospital.”
“You mean, this letter is a member of the family to come on your desk?”
fee Tokai nodded, waiting fee waited reading letters.
eloquent, wrote a total of five or six sheets of paper, the letter of every word, but as lethal in general, an acupuncture needle down and let the pain is almost impossible to breathe.
two siblings on the TV, silent, are reluctant to believe that this letter is written, is true, but all the evidence suggests that this is true.
how to do?
fees waited think that this is the biggest problem after her rebirth, encountered it. A cruel fact placed in front of them, forcing them to have to make a choice right away.
thirty-fifth return possible
fees waited now feel like a theater here, suddenly saw a girl pole dancing, eyeful of horror, the fear of being insight into everything, this is terrible, the other is a friend or foe, unclear , but this person is horrible.
fee home, Liu family,